Interview With Noah "40" Shebib - Drake's Producer

Tips From Noah "40" Shebib:

Start with melodies and progressions not just drums - create an "emotion" for your track so your artist can easily write a song to your work.

Everyone assumes Noah uses alot of low pass filtering - instead he confesses to lowering the sample rate to achieve a low pass effect.

Noah "rolls off" alot of the top end of his tracks to leave space for the artists vocal to really shine.

Noah and his team consistenly breaks the "rules" when it comes to producing a record (creative rules, business rules) - but this is what makes their "sound" work so well...

Noah does NOT write lyrics. It is something he is not comfortable doing. He believes that it is the artists job to tell his story.

Recorded "So Far Gone" in hotel rooms on his laptop. Made makeshift recording rooms from duvets and pillows. Recorded using AKG headphones, Macbook, Mbox 2 Pro, Neumann TLM103 mic...

Wanna sound like Noah "40" Shebib? Get yourself some sweet, HQ percs and big roomy kick drums here.

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