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In just a few days the year will be over. We will say good-bye to 2011 and hello to 2012. The end of the year is a great time for both reflection and plans for the future. So as we approach a brand new year what are your goals musically? What do you want to do with your music in 2012 that you were not able to do in 2011? Maybe you want to start selling your own music on line. Or perhaps you want to get your first placement in this coming year. You may even want to break into creating music for software companies. But how do you do these things? Where do you start? Well I can't 100% guarantee that you will get a placement or break in composing music for software companies, but with this week's tips you will be well on your way to making your musical goals happen this year.


So you want to start selling your own music online but you have no idea how to start right? Well first thing is first. You want to get your best tracks together that you have. These tracks should be mixed well and radio ready. Ideally you want to start with a least 15 to 25 tracks. This will give your buyers some variety and not too many choices to listen to. Once you make a name for yourself then it really does not matter how many tracks you have on your page. Last time I checked SuperStar O had like 200 tracks. If you have your heart set on getting a SuperStar O track, then you will go through all 200. In most cases a possible buyer is only going to go through your first five tracks or so before they move on to another page. Making sure your best stuff is playable early on in the list is the best way to go.

How to get started;




The question of self promotion is one that every artist or producer must ask themselves. Unless you are with a label that handles your promotion or you hire someone to do your promotion, then chances are you will have to wear the promotion hat from time to time in order to get your name out there. The times have really changed and just like you can create a professional sounding album from your bedroom, you can learn to promote your music in a professional way from your bedroom as well. If you treat promotion as another step in the music making process and not something that you dread doing, it will make it a lot easier to do.

The steps are:

1) Create a song.

2) Record it.

3) Mix it.

4) Master it.

5) Promote it.

Rather you use Soundclick, Reverbnation or a similar site or you have your own website, you still need to promote it. Some producers will open a Soundclick page, put up some of their tracks and then get discouraged when the money doesn't just come rolling in. It is not quite that easy. Believe me if it were then we would all have Soundclick pages.

Some great ways to promote your music is of course through social networking, local shows, other music sites and Google Ad Sense, just to name a few. You don't need to spend a lot of money when you start off, you can even just stick with free promotion tactics just as long as you are promoting yourself and your music. If you didn't have a promotion plan for 2011 now is the time to make one. The question is not if you should promote, but when and how much.

How to get started.....

I wrote 28 Tips On How To Promote Your Music on my blog if you need more promotion ideas.


Getting song placements are easier when you know where to look or who to contact. Some people choose to try to make their own contacts with record labels and companies to get their music heard. Some prefer using a service and paying that service to help them get song placements. These services almost work like a job agency would for people looking for a job. You could look on-line or in a newspaper for a job, but there are some jobs that are only sent out to job agencies. Well it works the same way for song placements services. The service have connections with labels, tv & film companies, software companies, etc. These companies post their openings with these services only.

How to get started.....

TAXI is a geat placement service that has been in business since the early 90's.

GAME DEV MAP is a great directory of video game companies that you can search by location.

You now have a few ideas and sites that you can check out to start your new year off right. There is nothing stopping you from reaching your goals next year. I wish that I could tell you that all you have to do is this “one” thing and that is it for all the success you want. But the truth is it will take work and effort, but this same time next year you could be looking back on 2012 as your best year ever!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Stay tuned for more weekly tips and tutorials every Wednesday.

Article written by Alex Butler

Alex is an audio engineer, studio producer and freelance writer based out of Seattle, WA.

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