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Johnny Juliano Mixing Tutorial - LevelsSeptember 02, 2012

Check out Johnny Juliano's new video on mixing the levels of your instruments inside FL Studio.

If you've ever heard a Johnny Juliano hit and wondered how he gets his mixes sounding so full and clean - then check out this video on how he mixes his levels.

Interestingly enough - he advocates TURNING DOWN some of your instrument levels to leave more room for mixing and to free up breathing room for your drums!

Oh yeah - and if you don't have any Johnny Juliano style sounds to work with - check out this awesome bundle.



Better Drum Samples


  • WHat level do you put ur metronome at? Or does it not matter? I like the idea of using that as a starting point.

    Posted by Theory on September 05, 2012
  • teachers never stop learning

    Posted by AC on September 02, 2012

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