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Pablo Beats Volume 2 Video Review

GratuiTous over at has just put out a video review
of the Pablo Beats Kit Volume 2

He awarded it 4.5/5 - check out the video below...


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Here are a few snippets from the review...

"Looking for an “all-in-one” kit? Welcome to Pablo Beats Vol. 2, where there is tons of variety, and huge bang for buck! This kit includes over 2.4 GB’s of sounds (took me over 10-15 minutes just to download), plus comes with VST sounds for either Direct wave or Kontakt! I’ll tell you right now, the VST instruments were very impressively sound designed!

The majority of the sounds were captured fantastically,  plus there’s a lot of random cool sounds to throw in here and there!

A real nice, solid, versatile kit.  It’s not too often you purchase a kit with both VST sounds and samples!

If these kicks were left a bit more open to work with, this kit was an easy 5/5, so much to work with in this kit; again, beautifully captured VST sounds!"

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