Loading The Ultimate Production Toolbox In Kontakt 5

We put together a quick guide to help you get started with the Ultimate Production Toolbox.

Problems With File Download

The Ultimate Production Toolbox weighs in at a huge 2.3GB of contant. The zipped archive is 2GB - so it's a big download. When you order - you'll get a download link sent to your purchase email address. Click the link to start the download. It should take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on your connection speed.

Download Freezes? 

If your download seems to 'stop' mid-download - we recommend trying to restart the doanload in a new browser. Also clearing your cache etc. can sometimes fix the issue. If you reach your download limit/tries - then contact us at: support@theproducerschoice.com

Problems With File Extraction

If you have any issues with the file extraction - we recommend trying out another file extraction programme. We recommend Zipeg (for both Mac and Windows) - If the issue persists, contact us at support@theproducerschoice.com and we can advise you (or send you a DVD by mail).

Loading Kontakt Patches

If you are having trouble with loading the Kontakt patches, first make sure you are running the latest version of Kontakt 5 (full version). Next - check out this video put together by Saint Joe (of Sounds & Gear), which explains how to load and organize 3rd party Kontakt libraries:

Hope this helps. Any other issues, contact us at support@theproducerschoice.com and we will fix them :)

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