Maschine Masters Reviews Urban Heat Drum Kit

Our friends over at Maschine Masters reviewed our latest Maschine format drum kit - Urban Heat...

Check out some of their comments...

"This is a must add to any producers library. Urban Heat is packed with over 500 samples including kicks, snares, loops, claps, hats, cymbals, vox, effects… just a plethora of sounds to take your productions to the next level. As I always do when I get a new kit, I hit up the kick drum section. As I was previewing each kick I realized I went into what I call Charlie Brown mode as I found myself saying “Good Grief” after each kick played.

One of my personal favorites goodies pack in Urban Heat is the fact that they have already taken the time to create 20 Maschine ready kits! As soon as you add Urban Heat to your library, you’ll have an Urban Heat section in your groups tab with the kits ready to go with added effects, and choke groups. Way to go with that one Producers Choice. If you’re still reading this review, even after started to described the kicks, and haven’t went over to to cop this kit YOU ARE WRONG! You need to correct yourself and grab this kit instantly!"James Jaxin, Maschine Masters

Go check out the full review here!

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