Mike Kalombo Hip Hop Drum Samples Released

The Producers Choice have collaborated with youtube sensation Mike Kalombo to release a hip hop drum sample collection unlike any other.

Ideal for hip hop music producers - the collection of drum samples promises to offer the ‘polish’ and ‘sparkle’ that only a superproducer like Mike can create.

Mike Kalombo is signed to So So Def records, and is the 49th most subscribed youtube musician of all time. His huge following is a mark of his quality as a music producer - something which comes across in the incredible quality of this sample collection.

The sounds included in this collection are Mikes own secret weapon - and are the exact same sounds he uses in his own productions for major recording artists.

Mike has applied his production magic to this collection - using his high end gear (compressors, EQ and transient shapers) to give truly professional, loud and punchy hip hop drums that can give a professional sound even to amateur producers.

Here is what is included in the collection:

  • 62 Kick Drums
  • 51 Snares
  • 43 Claps
  • 174 Toms
  • 22 Shakers
  • 23 Rim-Shots
  • 95 Percussions
  • 53 Hi-Hats
  • 28 Chimes
  • BONUS - 156 Sound FX
  • 717 Quality Samples in Total

For more information on this collection, or to make a purchase, click here

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