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Hi Guys,

We had a few people asking us if we can make a demo available for the premium Sounds In HD collection...

(P.S If you have not yet checked out this mind blowing deal, click here)

So we came up with a cool idea...

You can get access to a free demo of this awesome bundle. This includes demo sounds from ALL FIVE volumes.

All you have to do to download this awesome demo right now is 'Pay with a tweet'

All you do is click the button below, tweet about us, and the demo is yours to download.

Try it out here:

(P.S - this is a free demo of our Sounds In HD Complete Bundle. It only contains a small selection of the drums available in the full pack. If you are a serious producer - skip the demo and grab the full bundle here)

I hope you like the demo - i am sure you will be blown away and end up getting the full collection! 

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