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We carry a huge range of synth presets and synth patches for soft synths including native instruments massive presets, and all our synth patches come in a wide variety of formats for your VST/DAW.

We also sell genre specific synth patches, like dubstep massive patches, ni massive trap presets, electro synth presets, hip hop synth presets, deep house synth presets and more!

About The Synth Preset Design Process

Designing new synth presets is a long and complicated process. We firstly need to spend hours upon hours on each synth we work with, learning every last detail about how the synth works, it's limits, it's quirks etc.

When we are comfortable with a synth, we can start thinking about coming up with a brand new synth patch bank to expand on the factory presets that everyone uses. Coming up with fresh patches can really help the producer community. Some synths do not come with a massive preset library - so coming up with new presets to suit different genres of music can really help producers get the most from their synths!

From deep house, rnb, trap, electro, dubstep, hip hop - there are a huge number of genres that require specialized synth presets and patches. We usually look at what seems to be missing from the market - and work on a new patch bank to fill that gap.

We aim to bring top quality sounds in a wide range of formats. We know that endless tweaking of knobs is not for everyone - so we put in the hours so you can enjoy your synth!

From envelopes to filters to LFO's to modulation, distortion and more - our team are masters of the synth world.

Ideas can be sparked from all kinds of areas. From hearing a song we like, and trying to recreate sounds from it - to having a sound in our heads that we need to create. If we are building a genre specific pack - then of course we may need to include 'staples' of that genre.

For instance, if we were working on a Dubstep Synth Preset Bank for NI Massive - we would need to include some huge dubstep wobbles, and wobble bass presets.

If we are producing for hip hop - we might create some sexy west coast lead synth patches, and some sub-heavy basses.

Synth Presets Ableton

We don't yet carry any Ableton Synth Presets - but check back here soon!

Synth Presets Logic

We aim to sell Logic synth patches and presets for all of Logic's built in synths such as ES1, ES2, EFM1, Klopfgeist, ESM Monosynth, ESP Polysynth, Sculpture Synth etc

Synth Presets FL Studio

FL Studio has some great built in synths - and of course we have synth presets for all the big FL Studio synths/VST's such as Sytrus, Toxic Biohazard, DirectWave, Drumaxx, Drumsynth Live, Autogun, DX10, Harmless Synth Patches, Harmor Synth Patches, Poizone Synth Patches, Sawer etc. If you need to fire up your FL Studio synths with some brand new patches then you are in the right place!

Synth Presets Reason

Thor is one of our most often requested synths for new sounds, refills and patches!

We will be bringing out a bank for Thor Polysonic Synthesizer in the near future

Best Selling Synth Presets -

Go ahead and check out our most popular synth presets:

Black Diamonds (Kontakt Library) $29.00

Black Diamonds (Kontakt Lib...

Introducing Black Diamonds... The ALL IN ONE solution to making industry quality beats. Watch the video below to see it in action... This easy to use, fast Kontakt module contains DOPE, unique trap sounds, all tempo synced, mapped across your keys and ready to go! 🔥 It's pretty much the "ALL IN...
Kprim Sylenth Presets Soundbank $30.00

Kprim Sylenth Presets Sound...

Premium Quality Sylenth Soundbank. Sick of using stock Sylenth1 presets? If you need the latest, radio ready sounds - then this Sylenth soundbank will become your new best friend. We teamed up with producer Kprim Beatz to bring you the most complete, high quality Sylenth soundbank available. Che...
Massive Arsenal - Pro Massive Patches $25.00

Massive Arsenal - Pro Massi...

  Professional Massive Patches Sound Like A Pro - Without Wasting Time   Have you ever struggled to find QUALITY presets for NI Massive? Tired of using the same old stock sounds that everyone else has been using for years? Then grab our new Massive Arsenal - and we guarantee you'll fall back in...
Massive Trap Presets Soundbank $25.00

Massive Trap Presets Soundbank

50 Premium Massive Trap Presets AMMO For Native Instruments Massive! Make Better Trap Music, Today! Introducing our latest soundbank - Massive TRAP. You get amazing quality trap leads, 808s, risers, bleeps, wobbles and more. This soundbank is easy and fast to load up and use - you will be bangin...