About Us

As a producer,
your music is your life.

The Producers Choice was created by producers, for producers. 

After years of crate digging, searching on forums and download sites
it became obvious that there was a serious lack of quality sample providers on the market.

The main problems were low quality samples, noise and bad recording techniques. 
It was time for someone to step up and do the job properly.

Why are our samples the best in the world?

  • Processed using a variety of rare and vintage equipment (SSL, Neve etc.)
  • Mixed by pro's with years of industry experience
  • Industry Standard (ready for the club, radio etc.)
  • No room tones, weird noises, clipping or other unwanted noise.

Company Information

Producers Choice Ltd, whose registered office is at 3 Kelvin Street, Manchester, England, M4 1ET. Registered in England and Wales under Co. No. 08475986