Affiliate Scheme

Here at Producers Choice - We have a huge PASSION for soundware and audio gear - and we want to hook up with people like you who feel the same.

If you want to make money promoting QUALITY products to music producers and audio professionals, then our partner program is ideal for you.


We give you a special link to use to promote our website and products. You publish the link on your social accounts, promote to your email list, promote us in your website, use banners etc. 

When people click your link and visit our site, our software tracks their movement and records when an order is placed. You get 50% of any purchases made within 30 days!

Even if the customer leaves the site and returns in 29 days later, you still get paid if they make a purchase!

EXAMPLE: You send a customer to us using your custom link, they browse our site and subscribe to our email list, before leaving. For the next few weeks we send them a sequence of emails, they click a special offer 20 days later and make an order for $100 - you'll get $50 of this order. Or if you send a customer to us using your custom link, and the customer makes an order immediately, you'll get 50% of the order value. We do not deduct anything from your costs.

You also get access to full reports, manage payouts, see how many clicks / sales you have made etc using our dashboard after you sign up.


High Paying:

We have one of the highest paying and highest converting programmes in the industry. We pay you a huge 50% commission. We also offer our 'superstar partners' a higher commission rate after they have shown commitment to partnering with us.

High Converting

Between 2-5% of people who visit our site make a purchase immediately (if you are sending highly targeted traffic e.g Music Producers/DJ's etc)

Email Follow Up And Retargeting

When you send clicks to our site, they are tracked and any sales are tagged to your account for 30 days. We use email auto responders and retargeting ads to boost your conversion.

For example, you make a post on your website about one of our new products, and a potential customer clicks your unique link and is now tracked for 30 days. He visits our site, likes the look of a product but decides to think about it. During the process, he has seen a pop up for our free drum sample packs, so he enters his email. We then automatically send follow up emails every few days, bringing him back to our site. Any purchase in 30 days is still tagged to you. We also use retargeting ads across the web that have the same effect. 

How Much Can I Earn?

Your earnings are never capped. As an example, If you post about a new product that sends 1000 visitors to our site, 50 of them (for example) are likely to buy from us. If they take a $47 product, you will get 50% of that sale ($23.50). So that would be 50 x $23.50 = $1175.

How/When Do I Get Paid?

When a person you send to us makes a purchase, our software tracks this and adds the commission to your account. We pay you by paypal, and we make payouts once per month, at the start of the month.

What if the people I send don't buy straight away?

When you send traffic over, these prospects are remembered by our system (using cookies) for 30 days. This means if they come back any time in the next 30 days and buy, you will still get your full commission fair and square. As above, we have a number of marketing efforts in place including email autoresponders and retargeting ads to bring customers back to our site.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, apply for an account below. We will check you out and approve your account shortly...

When this is done, you can log-in and get access to your custom links and banners. After this, go straight ahead and start promoting!

Best of luck and don't forget to email us ( if you have any questions or need help getting set up!

All the best,
The Producers Choice Team