Free Drum Samples & Sounds

Drum Samples

Take your FREE taste of the world's HOTTEST drum samples!

  • Kicks, snares, claps, percs and hats
  • Processed using a variety of rare and vintage equipment (SSL, Neve etc.)
  • Mixed by pro's with years of industry experience
  • Industry Standard (ready for the club, radio etc.)
  • No room tones, weird noises, clipping or other unwanted noise.
  • Instant download 

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Drum Samples



* You will be receiving a small selection of our finest industry ready drum samples. Each time you open your workstation, or load up your MPC, we want our drum samples to be the first kit you go to. Our industry clients look to us to provide drum sounds that inspire them to create killer music.

The samples you are about to download are most suited to urban and hip hop productions. They are clean enough to be used in electronic music. We have processed each drum sample to perfection - you will not find cleaner drums from any other company.

Your search for pounding kick samples, heavy hitting snares and perfectly crisp hats is now over.

Join the elite group of producers who are using our drum samples to power their music. Download your free drum samples by entering your email in the field above, and hit submit. Your drum samples will be sent to you by email in seconds!