Just Blaze In Studio Making A Beat

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Just Blaze is one of hip hops top producers - commanding more money for one beat than most people earn in a year...

When he is due to meet with an artist - he needs plenty of new material and 'beatmakers block' could cost him tens of thousands of dollars...

So what is the secret Just Blaze is using to create hot track after hot track?

It's really quite simple...

Drum Breaks!

Just uses a tried and tested formula to crank out hot beats:

  1. Find a good sample and chop it up
  2. Add a some classic drum break as the base for the drums
  3. Add further drum samples and instruments to fill out the sound

Not any break will do though - you need great quality vintage breaks if you want to be the best.

Did you know that there is a 'secret vault' of timeless breaks that producers have been using for years to craft their sound - everyone from Kanye West to Pete Rock has been found using these breaks?

This small collection of breaks is now available in one place - perfectly chopped and with BPM information so you can quickly streamline your beatmaking process...

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