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336 Drumkit Volume 2 By Sean Divine

336 Drumkit Volume 2 By Sean Divine

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Game Changing Sample Pack, Created With The Care And Attention To Detail Of A True Craftsman...

  • Sampled from weird and unique sources (Vintage synths, door slams, creaky floor boards, 30's grand piano and more)
  • Layered, mixed and processed - 100% ready to use in your music with no further processing needed.
  • Comes in WAV format - but also includes Kontakt module + Maschine expansion formats.

JP-8080 synthesizer / Mallets on yoga balls / Vintage drum kit / Kitchen sink faucet / Virus Indigo synthesizer / Creaky wood floors / Slamming washing machine doors / Jingling car keys / A 1930′s grand piano...

"This sample pack is addictive"

I assure you - this sample pack is addictive. From the moment you download 336 Volume 2 - you'll be itching to make music. The hardest part will be your sound selections - because everything in here sounds soooo good!!

I've been looking forward to the follow up to the excellent 336 kit for a while now (336 Volume 1 was named one of the top 10 kits of 2013 by maschine masters!)

Sean Divine has gone above and beyond on this sound kit. EVERY SINGLE sound in this kit is incredible. Absolutely no filler - you can easily see the effort that has been put in here. Just watch the video for an eargasm ;)

Sean Divine Says:

"This new kit packs even more original content, mixed and ready for use. Included are some of biggest kick drums around, snares that cut through any mix and claps with an undeniable texture and crispness.

As these sounds are custom tailored for this kit, you won’t find any recycled material.Through the use of layering, these sources help shape some truly unique and inspiring drum samples.

Many of you requested more Loop content so that folder has been extended as well, now with 36 creativity fuelling new loops.

In addition you also will receive the bonus folder of 10 must-have sub bass samples."


What's in 336v2?

  • 36 Kicks
  • 36 Snares
  • 36 Claps
  • 36 Loops with BPM
  • 20 Percussion & Hi Hat Sounds
  • 20 FX
  • 10 Sub Bass Sounds (BONUS)
  • Quality over quantity in this pack.

Your download includes the following formats:

WAV FORMAT - Compatible with almost any DAW / sampler. Professionally Mixed, Processed & Edited (44K 24 Bit WAV Format)

MASCHINE EXPANSION INCLUDED - We always look after our maschine family! You'll enjoy 10 ready to go kits for your maschine, hand made with love (including choke groups etc)

KONTAKT MODULE INCLUDED - Oh snap! Kontakt 5 users can get to work immediately with the 336 drum module - ready to drag into Kontakt and kill your tracks.


People are saying great things about 336V2:

"These samples are insanely good. I really can’t recommend them enough for both their price and their quality. Really great work."
"As great as v1 was, this steps it up a notch. The loops are insane and the quality of the samples are top notch. Going to keep me busy for a while! 10/10"
Jared Love (Jurd Beats)
"Once again Sean has done it. I love this new kit because not only are the claps and kicks FIRE, but all the sound inside this pack, from hats to the loops, are inspiring to work with! And on top of all that, they’re already beautifully mixed and engineered."
"Wow! This kit is outstanding! In my honest opinion, this kit has surpassed the previous one in every way both in sonic clarity and variety! Well done SD! You did it again!!!!"
DJ Darkness

Do yourself a favour and grab this sample pack now - you will be so glad you did.

Price - $36

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