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808 Warfare

808 Warfare

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The ONLY 808s you need (in your life!)

After blood, sweat and tears - we are proud to bring you another EPIC library of JUST 808 basses.

We called it 808 Warfare - because the 808s in this product are aggressive, loud and unethical.

  • Huge, EPIC 808 basses that "rattle the walls"
  • Over 169 WAV samples & 41 Kontakt patches
  • WAV & Kontakt 5 Format
  • Pitched perfectly across your keys
  • Mixed and processed to perfection
  • No need to tweak - we already did the hard work to make these 808s sound incredible!

Great Sounding 808s


We know how to make an 808 sound right. Our goal for this library was to present a "polished", ready to use collection of 808 basses - so you get great 808's without touching a knob. You can get to work knowing that the 808's you are using are of the best quality, and processed, EQ'd, compressed and transient shaped perfectly.

If you are looking for HUGE 808 basses that rattle your subs like crazy then this in the product you need in your life...



When working on a track using 808 Warfare - you can play out your bassline, then go back and click next to switch through the 808 patches until you find the perfect 808 for the track you are working on.

Each patch is pitched correctly to your keys. So if you hit C1 - you'll get an 808 pitched perfectly to C. This means you can write a bassline, then go back and switch patches quickly to audition the best sounding 808 for your track!

Saves time, and makes your workflow so much faster.

Simple Interface.


We wanted to make this module quick and easy to use. No bloated features. Less time tweaking, more time building tracks.



After the massive success of Urban 808, we went back in the lab to work on a follow up - and we made sure it was bigger and better.

We crafted each 808 from scratch for this library. This is ALL NEW material you will not find anywhere else. And you can only get 808 Warfare directly from Producers Choice.

Huge, EPIC 808 basses that "rattle the walls"

These are simply the most usable 808's on the market. Try 808 Warfare and tell us we're lying!

"I bought the 808 Warfare & loved it. I just don't know why anyone hadn't done this already - it was worth every penny. I love that you created a lot of varied patches. I will be using this forever, as I will no longer need mine. Yours will be the go to ones forever. Great work."
Glenn Swan
"I just recently purchased and OMFG!!!! This is the best by far 808 collection on the internet ANYWHERE!!! You guys covered every 808 sound a producer could dream of and they're all great sound quality!!! Now i don't have to bounce around my 808 collection trying to find the perfect 808 for the track I'm working on!! Keep it coming guys! Because you nailed it with this one!!!"
Travis Boykin
"Just wanted drop you a note to say 808 warfare is really dope. Instantly useable, cooked up a banger with it right away!"
Owen Chaim
"I just wanted to say what a fantastic kit 808 warfare is. it has honestly elimanted my needs to look for 808s! The Kontakt preset has literally made my work flow 10x easier when I'm doing beats with 808 basses. I don't need to touch them because they are perfect to cut through a mix"
- Jake Johnson
  • Kontakt & WAV format
  • 41 Kontakt Patches in total
  • 4 bass slides / 808 slides
  • 3 "mangled" 808 instruments
  • ALSO INCLUDES - 169 WAV format 808 kicks and basses.

IMPORTANT - You need a FULL version of Kontakt 5 to use the Kontakt format library. If you don't use Kontakt - we also provide a WAV format version.

Complete Patch List:

  • Clean 808
  • Compressed 808
  • Crunchy 808
  • Dirty 808
  • Downtown 808
  • Filthbag 808
  • Gunshot 808
  • Hard Edged 808
  • Layered 808
  • Long Clean 808
  • Long 808
  • Metal 808
  • Modern 808
  • Monster Noise 808
  • MPC60 808
  • Multiplier 808
  • Neck Snapper 808
  • Nothin' But Sub 808
  • Old Radio 808
  • Power 808
  • Punch 808
  • Rockstar 808
  • Sixty Six 808
  • Slasher 808
  • SP1200 808
  • Spring Bass 808
  • Stab 808
  • SuperSub 808
  • Super Low 808
  • The Beast 808
  • Urban 808
  • Vanilla 808
  • Yeezy 808
  • Clinical 808
  • Crazy 808
  • Monster Noise 2 808
  • Slide Clean 808
  • Slide Compressed 808
  • Slide Long Distorted 808
  • Slide Yeezy 808

"But What If I Don't Use Kontakt?!"

No problem! We also include a WAV FORMAT version compatible with 99% of samplers. This consists of 169 one shot 808 basses/kicks. No junk or filler, just a huge collection of epic 808 basses, perfectly shaped, processed and polished to perfection.

Many Styles - Find The Right 808 For You.

Need a super low clean 808 kick to fill out a hip hop banger? Or perhaps a short, stabby 808 boom for a club track? Or perhaps a distorted 808 kick for a rock track or a lo-fi crunchy 808 for an EDM track? You'll find your perfect 808 inside 808 Warfare.

"What gets to me is the quality of these 808's is so clean. It makes for such a good song foundation its ridiculous. Quality which I've been looking for forever."
"I have this one and love it. It's my go to 808 when I need that 808 bass line or whatever. Everything is already laid out. I love this one."

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Our Price - $47

Available now for instant digital download straight after purchase - so go ahead and place your order, click the green button!

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