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Andrew Lloyd Drum Kit

Andrew Lloyd Drum Kit

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Grammy Nominated Producer Shares His Drum Samples!

Who else wants quality drums from certified multi-platinum producer?


He must be CRAZY! Multi-Platinum, Grammy nominated producer Andrew Lloyd is sharing his own hand made drum samples - right here!

(All these demo tracks were produced using drum sounds ONLY from this kit! This demo reel gives you an idea for the sound of the drums, and what can be done with them.)

Fresh from working with Lil Wayne (How To Hate), ScHoolboy Q- (Party), Tech N9ne (Burn The World), Young Jeezy (Talking), Omarion (Paradise), T-Pain (Hang Ups) - Andrew Lloyd brings you his own hand made premium drum library.

6 Reasons This Kit Is The Best:

  1. The easiest way to add 'Major Label' quality to your tracks
  2. Handmade by a grammy nominated, multi-platinum producer
  3. Multi Genre - Designed to be versatile, useful for all genres of music
  4. Completely Unique - not your regular boring samples that everyone and his dog is using
  5. WAV Format - works with all software and hardware
  6. Instant Download - get the samples in 30 seconds or less



Major producers usually keep their best sounds a closely guarded SECRET - But Andrew Lloyd decided to share his own 'go to' selection:

"While most people who put together drum kits are scared of producers using their loops or afraid to reveal the REAL sounds they use, I think it's best to give people quality when they pay for it."
Andrew Lloyd - (Multi Platinum, Grammy Nominated Producer For Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Young Jeezy)

This kit will give your productions MAJOR LABEL quality drums, that sparkle and pop.



If your music lacks that major label sheen and quality - then step your drums up and get sounds direct from a grammy nominated producer.

These samples are addictive. These are the kind of samples you just cannot stop playing around with.

Each sound has been crafted to absolute perfection. Quality over quantity. This little gem will become your 'go to' kit for all genres - from rap to pop to r&b and more.



When drums sound this smooth, clean and clear - you will be up all night making music.

Beautiful transients, processed with top of the line gear - you really must hear these samples to believe the quality.

WORTH $000's!


It would cost $000's to hire out a major label producer in a top of the line studio to create a drum library like this. Cut out the leg work - and take this library today for just $29.

Andrew Lloyd Drum Kit

You Get:

133 Premium Sounds (808s, Snares, FX, Hi Hats, Kicks, Loops & Percussion) in 16-bit WAV format for any producer to use in their program/VST of choice. Absolute Premium Quality. Modern, Versatile, Creative Drum Samples.

BONUS - Drum loops exported from the demo tracks are included for you to use!


"Great job with these. Time was definitely spent fine tuning these sounds. The drums/fx/loops are real dope and they cover a range of genres. Usually drumkits single out one type of genre or style of a beat, but not these kits. Plus the prices are affordable."
Joey Jeff Productions
"That new AL Kit is amazing!!"
Matt Metz
"The kit is dope, highly recommend it to anyone."
"No lie, this kit is great."

Don't miss out on major label sounds...


If you want to get drum sounds straight from a multi-platinum, grammy nominated producer - then this is your only chance.

There is no other way to get samples like this - available for fast instant download for you to use immediately.

If you only invest in one good drum library this year - make it Andrew Lloyd's premium collection!


RRP - $195
Our Price - $29


P.S - We promise you our tried and tested 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you buy the drum library and don't like it, email us and we will refund every penny immediately.

P.P.S - This drum library will be delivered to your email INSTANTLY. No Waiting.

Join thousands of happy customers - hit the green button to purchase your copy today. See you on the other side!

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