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Hip Hop Drum Samples - Industry Standard

Hip Hop Drum Samples - Industry Standard

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(Here's what our customer Dan Song did with this kit)

The Original and Best...

*Newly Updated 2013 Version!

Two years in the making, we are proud to release our debut hip hop drum samples collection.

Producers and bloggers have been calling this kit 'The hottest hip hop drum samples in the game'

The Industry Standard Hip Hop Drum Collection is the cutting edge of drum sound packs, combining the punchy, crisp and cutting drum sounds needed to produce industry standard music.

hip hop drum samples

This set is a real investment in your business.

Each sound has been painstakingly crafted by industry leading engineers, passed trough rare and vintage equipment to give the sounds their unique warm and punchy characteristics. The sounds are 100% radio or club ready.

This Library Contains:

  • 50 Punchy Kicks
  • 50 Crisp Snares
  • 50 Cutting Claps
  • 30 Hi-Fidelity Cymbal Hits
  • 30 Hi-Hat Hits
  • 30 Percussion Hits
  • 30 Shaker Hits
  • 30 Tom Hits
  • 300 Drums In Total

These samples are in 16-bit WAV format and are compatible with most music production workstations and software!


Our samples are the only true 'industry standard' hip hop drum samples. This means they have been mixed by pro sound engineers, using years of experience in a industry standard studio with top line equipment - all to give a loud, punchy and polished sound. This kit is tailored for hip hop/urban/pop music production.

Here's what one of our customers did with this kit:


hip hop drum samples

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You'll be able to find some solid drums in these kits no matter if you're just starting out or you've been collecting and creating drums for years. All it takes is that one sound to spark new creativity. Definitely something to have in your production toolkit.

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