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Massive Arsenal - Pro Massive Patches

Massive Arsenal - Pro Massive Patches

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Professional Massive Patches

Sound Like A Pro - Without Wasting Time


Have you ever struggled to find QUALITY presets for NI Massive? Tired of using the same old stock sounds that everyone else has been using for years? Then grab our new Massive Arsenal - and we guarantee you'll fall back in love with Massive!

We hooked up with leading sound designer Adam Fielding to bring you Massive Arsenal - a collection of the biggest, darkest, meatiest basses, growls, FX, pads, leads and more.

We locked Adam in his studio for months, and told him not to come out until he had made the most versatile, usable massive patches available anywhere. You'll drool over the lush tones and raw leads - big epic pads, sharp cutting basses and dark growls.

You’ll be able to make great music without having to waste your time and creativity with programming sounds from scratch.



If you’ve ever wanted to make amazing growls, leads and basses in NI Massive - without wasting time creating sounds from scratch - then you are going to love our new preset bank for NI Massive - Massive Arsenal...

We included only the freshest most up to date sounds - ideal for hip hop, EDM and dubstep. No more boring, stock sounds!

Imagine a preset bank that contains POWERFUL basses, huge dark leads, sumptuous pads, and gorgeous FX's - the creativity for your next hit is right here in this bank!

You'll Get:

  • 50 Premium Presets for NI Massive
  • Basses, Wobbles, Growls, Leads, Keys, Pads, Synth Stabs, Soundscapes, FX and more
  • Made by PRO Sound Designer
  • POWERFUL EDITING - We programmed all 8 macro knobs so you can easily customise these presets to suit your music. You can control cutoff, distortion, bite, vibrato, reverb etc. All it takes is a few tweaks of these knobs to create your own truly custom sounds
  • Also included is a PDF guide detailing how to load this soundbank into Massive in 30 seconds or less - so you can make amazing music, fast.

Huge Value...


Hours upon hours of work were put into this bank by a professional sound designer in a top end studio. Years of sound design experience have been deployed to bring you one of the BEST preset banks you'll ever invest in...

What People Are Saying About Us:

"The Producers Choice is definitely one of my go to sites for production sounds now. Sonically, ALL their sounds have so much depth!"
Grammy Award Winning Producer Symbolyc One
"I can only say wow... your samples are the best I've ever heard"
Mauro Marrapodi (Producers Choice Customer)

RRP - $50.00
Our Price - $25


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IMPORTANT - You need to own a copy of Native Instruments Massive to use this soundbank.

P.S - We promise you our tried and tested 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you buy the soundbank and don't like it, email us and we will refund every penny immediately - and you can keep the kit as a gift from us!

P.P.S - This kit will be delivered to your email INSTANTLY. No Waiting.

Join thousands of happy customers - hit the green button to purchase your copy today. See you on the other side!

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