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Ski Beatz - Iron Fingers Drum Kit

Ski Beatz - Iron Fingers Drum Kit

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Download EXCLUSIVE drums by LEGENDARY producer Ski Beatz

Who else wants access to drum samples handmade by legendary Jay Z producer Ski Beatz?

Introducing "Iron Fingers" by Ski Beatz.

  • 100 Top Quality Drum Samples, Made By Ski
  • Perfectly EQ'd and mixed for maximum impact!
  • Transform your beats from 'OK' to 'PRO'


  • Produced 4 tracks on Jay Z's 'Reasonable Doubt' (one of the best hip hop albums of ALL TIME)
  • Been a legend in the industry, producing for Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Wiz Khalifa & many more.
  • Over 20 years experience creating banging drum kits!


"If you know me, you know I like my drums TIGHT. So I hooked up with my peoples at Producers Choice and we came up with this kit here. I call this one "Iron Fingers". I made sure that everything was EQ'd properly, everything was layered correctly and compressed so you can get the BEST POSSIBLE sound from my kit."


  1. The Easiest way to get those PERFECT hip hop drums
  2. Handmade by a LEGENDARY producer!
  3. EXCLUSIVE to Producers Choice - you won't find these sounds anywhere else!
  4. WAV Format - works with all software and hardware
  5. Instant Download - get the samples in 30 seconds or less



If you spend hours layering and tweaking drums, do yourself a favour and buy this kit! Ski spent hours crafting the perfect kit for hip hop enthusiasts...

If you want drums that SLAP, BANG and BOOM then you need Iron Fingers in your life.

Ski is the heavyweight champion of hip hop drums - and you are about to get 100 of his finest drum samples. If you create any urban music - it would be a CRIME not to take us up on this offer!


  • 100 Samples in total (25 Kicks, 25 Snares, 25 Live Percussion, 25 Hats)
  • Created, EQ'd, Compressed and layered to PERFECTION by legendary producer Ski Beatz.
  • WAV Format (Comes with both 32bit and 16bit version included in the download)

    Boom & Bap Review:




    This premium kit comes direct from the studio of Ski Beatz - don't pass up an opportunity to use sounds handcrafted from a legend!

    Producers Feedback:

    "Just purchased this kit today! love it!"
    Espinosa Beats
    "The kicks are without a doubt the stand out in this collection. All 25 have character, punchiness, and warmth to spare. There wouldn’t be much need to do any EQing or compressing, these are amazing right out the box"


    RRP - $55
    Our Price - $34


    P.S - We promise you our tried and tested 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you buy the drum library and don't like it, email us and we will refund every penny immediately.

    P.P.S - This product will be delivered to your email INSTANTLY. No Waiting.

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