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Stix Jam Pack

Stix Jam Pack

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Gorgeous live drums, recorded with care through vintage 8078 Neve Console


About Stix:

  • Official artist/drummer for Sabian Cymbals and Ludwig Drums
  • Current drummer for Chance The Rapper
  • Performed live with Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, The Roots, Mac Miller, Snoop Dogg & more

The Stix Jam pack features over 100 original drums sounds from sessions with legendary producers Jeff Tweedy & Mario C (Beastie Boys Producer) recorded and sound designed at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso Texas (using vintage 8078 Neve Console & other high end recording chains). The Jam Pack also features sounds right from the Kids These Days LP "TraphouseRock"

Stix Jam Pack



This kit is for people who need the sound of a live drummer on their tracks. For huge, punchy and warm drums, ran through a sweet vintage Neve 8078 Console.

The Kit Features Over 100 Original Drum Samples Mixed and Mastered by Chris Barnett:

  • Elevator snares
  • Snares in the shower
  • Live Claps
  • Cymbal Hits
  • Cymbal Swells
  • Kicks
  • Gongs
  • 808's
  • Drum Fills
  • Rides
  • & Full, Royalty Free Drum Loops.

Stix Jam Pack

Review From

"This kit is like a gift from the drum gods. Masterfully crafted and put together for us to create our next big track. The kicks are real beefy and hard-hitting. They will add that extra fill your low end is missing. Unlike most live drum sound packs, these kicks are extra boomy. The snares are crisp and snappy. The way they captured that snap is unbelievable. You can tell that Neve Console came in handy. The same goes for the crashes and hats. Clear sounding with just the right amount of EQ to really bring them to life. No producer is complete with out at least ONE live drums sound pack. If you’re missing out, I suggest you get this kit NOW!"

If you need punchy, organic, live sounding drums, fills, rides, splashes and more - then get the stix jam pack!

  • Price - $24.98
  • Instant Download
  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • WAV Format - works with Maschine, FL Studio, Reason, Logic and more.
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