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The 336 Drum Kit by Sean Divine

The 336 Drum Kit by Sean Divine

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Introducing "The 336 Kit"


Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Get Super Creative Drum Sounds Guaranteed To Make Your Beats Kick Ass - Without Spending Any Time Mixing!

If you’ve ever wanted to create super interesting, unique drum patterns, but you're tired of using 'boring' sounds - then it's time to get creative with Sean Divine's 336 Kit.

We teamed up with Super Producer Sean Divine to bring you the freshest, most creative drum pack on the market...

  • PRO MIXED - No Extra Mixing Required
  • You won't find ANY reused garbage sounds
  • Everything made from scratch, by Sean Divine
  • Professional, Premium Grade Samples
  • Extra Bonus Kit Included: "When 808s Attack!"

That 'PRO' Sound...


Have you ever settled down to a recording session, feeling creative and fired up to create music? But then you lay down the drums, and they sound crappy, stale and lifeless? If you are using stock sounds, or 'me too' kits that everyone owns - your beats could be suffering. It's time to inject some creativity into your music with The 336 Kit!

You WILL NOT find samples like this - anywhere else. Designed with the urban producer in mind. Ideal for hip hop / trap / dubstep / R&B - but great for other genres too. Included in this kit are kicks so powerful that you'll turn your monitors way down. Snares so sharp and cutting that you will not need to touch a plugin. Creative percussions and FX that make your drums go from average joe to top of the class.


You'll Make Better Music


And if you are looking for inspiration - start with the Sean Divine loop collection - included in The 336 Kit. Throw any of these loops into your DAW and you have the perfect start to your next track. Plus - you get a unique collection of weird sounds, stabs, brass hits etc. These are the perfect antidote to creative block.

You Get:

  • The 336 Kit - Official Sean Divine Drum Kit
  • Professionally Mixed, Processed & Edited (44K 24 Bit WAV Format)
  • Never Before Released Sounds
  • Compatible with any DAW or sampler
  • 36 Kicks
  • 36 Snares
  • 36 Claps
  • 20 Percussion Sounds
  • 15 Hi Hats
  • 15 FX
  • 15 Loops (These are f'in crazy!)

Bonus Kit - Included FREE With Your Purchase:


  • "When 808s Attack" Drum Kit
  • 14 High Quality, Royalty Free Kick Drums 16-Bit WAV Format.
  • If you’ve been looking for the clean, tight & punchy 808 kick samples, look no further. All fast attack samples were compressed and EQed on an SSL 4000G console, ready to knock through any mix. This kit comes free with your purchase of The 336 Kit.

No Mixing Required


Sean Divine spent hours upon hours creating The 336 Kit. Each sound was made by Sean - then processed and tweaked to perfection at his recording facility with top of the line plugins and equipment. The 336 Kit will enable anyone to sound like a superproducer without having to spend hours mixing your drums!

But don't just take our word for it. Here is what music producers from around the world are saying about the 336 kit:

"Using this Sean Divine "336 Kit". Super raw!! Already added like 5 sounds from it in my newest beat I'm working on"
J-rum Beats
"Must have for any producer! High quality and ready to go as soon as you get them."
Jared Love
"Top notch stuff… As always…"

Saves You Time & Money


Why buy expensive gear costing $000s and hire professional mix engineers to get that 'pro' sound? Why not save countless hours and tonnes of cash by grabbing The 336 Kit - ready to use and pre mixed straight out of the box!

RRP - $49
Our Price - $24.99


** Don't Forget - You get the "When 808s Attack"  - FREE with your purchase of The 336 Kit!

P.S - This product will be delivered to your email INSTANTLY. No Waiting.

Join thousands of happy customers - hit the green button to purchase your copy today. See you on the other side!

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