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The Finesser Kit

The Finesser Kit

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Grammy nominee releases his BRAND NEW drum kit.


Total honesty - we want you to buy this drum kit.

Here's why...

  • Made by Grammy nominated music producer Andrew Lloyd (Go check him out - he's a great dude!)
  • He has worked with Lil Wayne, ScHoolboy Q, Young Jeezy and more - so you KNOW these drums will be sick...
  • He is one of the only producers of his calibre who actually CARES enough about the producer community to offer the ACTUAL drums and sounds he uses in his OWN records

The long awaited follow up to Andrew Lloyds first kit is finally here. Introducing the "Finesser" kit - your new favourite drum samples.

For those of you who don't know Andrew Lloyd...

He is kind of a big deal...

He has cooked up beats for Lil Wayne, ScHoolboy Q, Young Jeezy and more...

Now he is BLOWING UP the sound design industry with drum samples that are literally rewriting the rulebook when it comes to how a kick or a snare should sound.


Not for much longer. If you are packing GB's of samples - get ready to hit delete. This kit is pure quality over quantity. You'll be hitting the delete button on your old samples just as soon as you start rocking this kit.

Includes - 808s / FX / Hats / Kicks / Loops / Percs / Snares / Claps / Toms...



Andrew has a set of "Golden Ears" - he can pick out and dissect frequencies with the precision of a surgeons scalpel. He makes some of the best drum samples on this planet.

"While most people who put together drum kits are scared of producers using their loops or afraid to reveal the REAL sounds they use, I think it's best to give people quality when they pay for it."
Andrew Lloyd - (Multi Platinum, Grammy Nominated Producer For Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Young Jeezy)

This kit will genuinely change the way you make music. When you hear sounds like these - you just CANNOT go back to the cookie cutter crap sounds that you had before. That's why you need to buy this drum kit.

Now some people are cheapskates and would rather scour the internet for virus infected zip files full of knock off, ripped from MP3 drum sounds that sound like dog crap...

But for those few who VALUE their craft and don't mind parting with a measly $34 for hours upon hours (upon hours) of work by a grammy nominated producer - we salute you.

You understand that if you use JUST ONE of these samples in your next track - and that track BLOWS UP... then that investment of $34 was WELL WORTH IT! Go out on a limb and scoop up this kit. I promise you will be glad you did.


"Great job with these. Time was definitely spent fine tuning these sounds. The drums/fx/loops are real dope and they cover a range of genres. Usually drumkits single out one type of genre or style of a beat, but not these kits. Plus the prices are affordable."
Joey Jeff Productions
"That new AL Kit is amazing!!"
Matt Metz
"The kit is dope, highly recommend it to anyone."
"No lie, this kit is great."

Don't miss out on major label sounds...


If you want to get drum sounds straight from a multi-platinum, grammy nominated producer - then this is your only chance.

There is no other way to get samples like this - available for fast instant download for you to use immediately.

If you only invest in one good drum library this year - make it Andrew Lloyd's new kit - The Finesser!


RRP - $195
Our Price - $29


P.S - This drum library will be delivered to your email INSTANTLY. No Waiting.

Join thousands of happy customers - hit the green button to purchase your copy today. See you on the other side!

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