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Drum Samples

Drum Samples

Drum Samples made by PRO sound designers. If you need hard hitting, punchy hip hop drum samples, dubstep drum samples or electro drum samples then check out our range!
Maschine Expansions

Maschine Expansions

Our Maschine Expansions come with Maschine Drum Kits pre formatted into Maschine format for FAST loading into Maschine or Maschine Mikro!
Kontakt Sample Libraries

Kontakt Sample Libraries

Our Kontakt Libraries and Kontakt Instruments are catered to hip hop and urban producers. We have Kontakt String Libraries, Kontakt Synth Libraries and more!
Synth Presets

Synth Presets

We carry Synth Presets for some of the leading VST/Soft Synths. If you need Sylenth Presets, NI Massive Presets or Logic ES2 Presets then check out some of our sound packs!
drum samples

Hip Hop Drum Kits

Junkyard Trap Drum Kit $47.00

Junkyard Trap Drum Kit

Crazy Trap Drums + JUNKYARD Recordings = WTF??!! PRO Sound Designer Hangs Out at JUNKYARD - to capture unique sounds for YOU to use in your music! "Brutal Metal Hits // Hard Hitting Pipe Stomps // Ear-Shattering Crowbar Smashes" Crisp 808 Drum Sounds combined with Rare & Unique Junkyard Rec...
Artsy Trap Drum Kit $47.00

Artsy Trap Drum Kit

Is This The World's BEST Trap Drum Kit? Powerful trap drums, fused with unique and rare recordings 109 sounds divided into 7 folders (808, Claps & Snaps, Hats & Cymbals, Kicks, Percs & Loops, SFX and Snares) One of the most creative kits you've ever heard 50% off RRP if you grab t...
Lost Tapes Vol 1: Soul $49.95

Lost Tapes Vol 1: Soul

Watch full video review from PadBangers below... 100% Royalty Free Soul Samples - inspired by the sounds of 70s soul! Calling all sample heads... Fresh, New & Exclusive Soul Samples, recorded from scratch and 100% Royalty Free Made for real, true old school hip hop aficionados Need quality, ...
DopeKeyz $47.00


Make Dope Piano Based Beats - Even If You Can't Play A Note... You can use DopeKeyz to make gorgeous sounding piano based tracks. It's easy and fast - and you don't need to know how to play... We brought in our classically trained pianist to record some professional, "urban themed", super h...
Ski Beatz Limited Edition Drum Module $49.00

Ski Beatz Limited Edition D...

Watch the quick video preview here: *** Strictly Limited To 100 Copies Only!! *** Ski Beatz Cooked Up Some Of The Best Drum Samples I've Ever Heard... Say Goodbye To Weak, Boring Sounds And Hello To Ski's Huge, Banging Drums. Deep, pounding kicks. Warm, gritty snares. Crispy hi-hats. Real r...
Piano Sessions Bundle $47.00

Piano Sessions Bundle

Your Next Song Starts With These Awesome Royalty Free Loops... ** We Jammed 4 Loop Kits Into This Bundle - But You'll Only Pay One Low Price For ALL Four Kits! These brand new piano loops will give you the inspiration to start your next song... Build on them with some drums, synths and bass ...
808 Warfare $47.00

808 Warfare

The ONLY 808s you need (in your life!) After blood, sweat and tears - we are proud to bring you another EPIC library of JUST 808 basses. We called it 808 Warfare - because the 808s in this product are aggressive, loud and unethical. Huge, EPIC 808 basses that "rattle the walls" Over 169 WAV sam...
The 'Everything' Bundle $334.00

The 'Everything' Bundle

Get EVERY kit we ever sold - in one bundle. We call it the 'Everything' bundle. It includes absolutely EVERYTHING from our huge range of samples, loops, sounds, maschine kits, kontakt libraries - Over 25GB all packed into one bundle! You'll save over 80% off RRP with this bundle     Here's what ...
336 Drumkit Volume 2 By Sean Divine $36.00

336 Drumkit Volume 2 By Sea...

Game Changing Sample Pack, Created With The Care And Attention To Detail Of A True Craftsman... Sampled from weird and unique sources (Vintage synths, door slams, creaky floor boards, 30's grand piano and more) Layered, mixed and processed - 100% ready to use in your music with no further proce...
808 Drum Kit $49.98

808 Drum Kit

The World's Loudest 808 Drum Kit Is Unleashed... Maybe The World's Loudest 808 Drums! BREAKTHROUGH in recording technology leads to a new level of audio perfection Tomorrows recording/sampling technology available right freakin' now! Uncompromising quality - 100% radio ready Post processing ...
Vocal Warfare $57.00

Vocal Warfare

EPIC Kontakt Module For Vocal Samples. Here at Producers Choice we like to make your life easier. Vocal Warfare is a must have tool to speed up your workflow. It is the perfect tool to add warm and gritty vocal one shots to your music. EPIC VOCAL SAMPLES Pitched across your keys Fast and easy t...
Organic Drum Kit $49.00

Organic Drum Kit

"These Drums Are Your "Secret" To Making Better Music, Faster and with Less Effort." So what is the "Organic" drum library all about? Breakthrough recording and processing techniques used to capture the "perfect" drum sound - helping prevent muddy low-frequency and harsh high-frequency build-up...
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"The Producers Choice is definitely one of my go to sites for production sounds now. Sonically, ALL their sounds have so much depth!"

Grammy Award Winning Producer S1
Producer for Kanye West ("Power"), Jay Z ("Murder to Excellence"), Beyonce ("Best Thing I Never Had"), 50 Cent ("My Life")

hip hop drums


Serious about making more sales, getting placements, making hit records and working with big time artists?

These hip hop drum kits will change everything.

Our hip hop drum kits were hand created by REAL professional producers and engineers that work with artists like Jermaine Dupri, Denaun Porter, Erykah Badu, Jay Electronica, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Eminem, D12, Amp Fiddler, Guilty Simpson, Slum Village, J Dilla, Busta Rhymes and more.

Our engineers work from multimillion dollar music studios, and have access to the best gear money can buy - giving you that 'pro' sparkle


Exclusively for elite producers who demand professional, industry standard hip hop drum samples

We have sample packs fo users of the following software/hardware: Logic Pro Drum Kits & Samples, FL Studio Drum Kits & Samples, Reason Drum Kits & Samples, Cubase Samples, MPC Drum Samples, Maschine Drum Kits & Samples, Kontakt Sample Libraries, Sylenth Presets & more!

Become an elite producer today and grab some professional quality drum samples.

Customer Love:

"Yo I just bought two more libraries from you guys, I own almost every pack now, thanks for being a reliable source for a variety of styles with consistent quality. To know I'm getting as close as I can to finished samples that can easily sit in a mix or be the start of some sample mangling is awesome."
P.Rotter (Beatmaker / The Producers Choice Customer)

"The kits are incredible! The sounds of the drums had my engineer and some of his people laughing in the studio the other night because the drums are already mixed and sound ready to go."
KiG (Beatmaker / The Producers Choice Customer)

"I've landed tracks with established artists like Freddie Gibbs, Maino, Madchild (Swollen Members), Red Cafe, Saigon, etc. Now obviously, this was a culmination of years of hard work finally paying off, but I don't think it's a coincidence that I made a conscious effort to step my drum game up about 6 months before everything started happening."
Ghost Beats - Music Producer & Producers Choice Customer

"Just wanted to say I've had a chance to use every one of your drum kits. All of them are absolutely amazing."
Chris X - Music Producer & Producers Choice Customer

"I took advantage of the deal you posted. Just wanted to comment on how great these are. Ive had a hard time finding good drum samples in the past. Thanks for putting an end to that."
Nick Lee - Music Producer & Producers Choice Customer
hip hop drums

Kontakt Troubleshooting / Common IssuesSeptember 27, 2014

Many of you have downloaded some of our Kontakt Libraries.

There are a couple of common issues with loading and using Kontakt Instruments, so we put together a useful guide to downloading, installing and using 3rd party Kontakt libraries.

This guide will hope to fix the follwing issues:
  • How to load and organise your instruments
  • How to fix the kontakt "demo" mode issue
  • Kontakt library won't show in left hand side tabs
  • What to do with corrupted files / patches

Download the full guide here:


Please check out this tutorial which will show you how to load the patches in Kontakt ­

* If you just want to get started quickly, just drag the .nki files into kontakt.

IMPORTANT ­- You need a FULL version of Kontakt 5 ­ (Not the free version Kontakt Player) to run our kontkt libraries)

Why does it say “Demo” when I load library into Kontakt?

The reason you get “Demo” is because you are using the free player version of Kontakt, which we don’t support. All our products require the full retail version of Kontakt to work.

However, if you are already using the full version of Kontakt, the “Demo”­mode means Kontakt has de­authorized itself due to a registry read/write conflict and reverted to “Player” mode. Below is a short (but thorough) explanation of how to re­authorize your full version of Kontakt.

  1. Try logging out of your computer and logging back in as full system administrator with full permissions and all account restrictions turned completely off. That is essential in some cases to allow Kontakt to read/write to your system registry.
  2. Make sure you have the full version of Kontakt. If you don’t, you can update it through the NI Service Center and follow the update/installation process it leads you through.
  3. Then make sure that all instances of Kontakt or your host sequencer are closed.
  4. Next, run Kontakt in stand­alone mode and press the help button at the top of Kontakt. From the drop­down menu, choose Launch Service Center. That will launch the NI Service Center windowand allow you to enter your serial code and activate Kontakt. Most likely, you’ll already see your Kontakt serial number entered under the Activation tab if you already fully activated Kontakt when you first installed it. Just press the Activate button at the bottom. Then close the Service Center, close Kontakt and then restart it again. 


You can use our libraries in Kontakt Player. However you will only be able to use the instruments for 30 minutes at a time before they “timeout” ­ this is why we recommend only using our libraries with a FULL version of Kontakt 5 :)


Unfortunately not. As a small sound design company, Native Instruments would require a large annual fee to be paid in order to allow our libraries to come up on the left hand side tabs. 

Most of the Kontakt libraries available on the market are made by 3rd party sound designers, so it is not possible to load their libraries into the left hand side Kontakt library tab.

* However, you can use the video above that explains how to organise your 3rd party kontakt instruments in a fast and easy to use way.

The Kontakt patch / .nki file is corrupt and cannot be loaded (unknown), what can I do?

That means you need the latest version of Kontakt to load the
instrument. Try to go to NI service center and upgrade to the latest version of Kontakt, which should resolve this issue.

Kontakt can’t find samples/wallpapers. What can I do?

If you’ve checked to make sure that the .rar file downloaded and extracted fully, then it could just be an error in the expected sample path in the .nki file. To fix this, you can use the “Batch Resave” function in Kontakt to automatically correct the file paths so that you never see that error again. Here’s how to do a batch resave of a Kontakt library:

  • Go to the File menu at the top of Kontakt. At the bottom of the drop down list that appears when you click on it, you’ll see “Batch Resave” as the last option on the list. Press that and then when the browser window pops open, navigate to the main folder of the instrument you’re having trouble with and press OK. It will scan the .nki files in the library to see if any samples are missing or have been moved. Then, when it asks you where the missing samples are after a few minutes, just navigate back to the same main library folder and press OK again. It will take over from there and resave all of the .nki files with the new proper file paths.

This is a useful trick to know if you ever move Kontakt libraries around or ever see that error with any library. Most of the time, Kontakt just needs to re­search for the proper file paths to the samples and then resave those paths into the .nkis so that it remembers where to look from then on.

How can I access my library in Kontakt?

Please use the normal Kontakt Browser (upper left) and find the .nki files through it (depending on where you placed the folder on your hard drive). The advantage in making our libraries open­format instruments is that you have direct access and ability to edit or manipulate the .wavs, which is very important to a lot of users.

When I load the library into Kontakt I get a “Samples Missing” error, what can I do?

If this is solved when you browse for the folder or files, you can save the patch and it will remember where the proper location is.

If you have any other issues or problems ­ please email us at support@theproducerschoice.com and we will personally assist you :)