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Hip Hop Drum Breaks Bundle

Hip Hop Drum Breaks Bundle

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Hip Hop Drum Breaks are a music producers "secret weapon".

You may have heard the classic digital vs analogue debate. Some producers swear by injecting that analogue ‘warmth’ into their tracks - sometimes by recording their drum tracks to tape then resampling them.

But the clever producers know that time is money - and turn to their ‘vault’ of timeless hip hop drum breaks - all recorded from vinyl to instantly add the famous warmth and grit to their tracks.

We took the time to sample the best and most timeless 150 hip hop drum breaks in the history of music. We sampled direct from vinyl to offer that unmistakable vinyl analogue tone. We made sure every sample was perfectly chopped, so they are loopable with no editing required. Finally we added the BPM info to each sample so you can easily add breaks into your tracks at the correct tempo.

Save Time With Our Vault Of Hip Hop Drum Breaks

  • INSTANT hot drum tracks
  • FAST & EASY to work with - ready sliced and perfectly looped
  • Works in 99% of DAW's & Hardware (Comes in WAV format)
  • Use these breaks as your track 'Foundation' - then layer your own samples over the top for truly AWESOME sounding drums!

Download the entire drum break ‘vault’ today - and we guarantee that these breaks will become the backbone of your productions for years to come!

What you get:

  • 150 of the most popular and timeless breakbeat loops in history - all in one ‘vault’
  • ALL of the most famous, classic breaks are in here
  • Sampled from vinyl to give that true analogue warmth to your tracks
  • All drum break loops are chopped into perfect loops - ready for you to use with no extra editing required
  • BPM (tempo) information for each break - so you can easily plug breaks straight into any track
  • WAV format - compatible with most hardware and software samplers/workstations
  • INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Delivered to your email in 30 seconds or less.



To celebrate the launch of this sterling selection of breaks - we are offering a jawdropping bonus to the first 20 customers who purchase this collection:

  • BONUS - 50 super rare breaks - sampled from low circulation vinyl. Some super rare and hard to find breaks that you will not have heard anywhere else. (So you'll get 200 breaks in total!)



Hit the big green purchase button. Your payment will be handled securely via paypal or credit card. After this, your hip hop drum breaks will be sent to you via email, for you to download and make great music straight away! Review:

"You'll be able to find some solid drums in these kits no matter if you're just starting out or you've been collecting and creating drums for years. All it takes is that one sound to spark new creativity. Definitely something to have in your production toolkit."
SaintJoe - (

hip hop drum breaks

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