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808 Drum Kit

808 Drum Kit

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The World's Loudest 808 Drum Kit Is Unleashed...

  • Maybe The World's Loudest 808 Drums!
  • BREAKTHROUGH in recording technology leads to a new level of audio perfection
  • Tomorrows recording/sampling technology available right freakin' now!
  • Uncompromising quality - 100% radio ready
  • Post processing on uber rare vintage gear - no expense spared
  • Precision sound engineering gets the most out of the 808 drum machine. We squeeze every inch of power from the unit
  • Never before heard fused bass tones, and perfect clean pounding shattering 808's
  • Designed to make every beat you make your best ever
  • Ground breaking - no imitators. The original and best

Maybe The World's Loudest 808 Drums!

Ask any producer in the know, and he will tell you about Sounds in HD and their awesome drum samples. This is a new era of drum sampling technology and the reason your music is going to be stepped up a gear. Just when you thought it was safe to turn up your speakers, your ears will be overcome with the groundbreaking bass tones of the Ultimate 808 Drum Kit. This is the kit that drives you on to be the best producer you can be.

808 Drum Kit


Ultimate 808 Drum Kit is a groundbreaking, relentless, power driven library of drum samples, taken from the most legendary drum machine the world has ever seen - The Roland TR-808. We pushed it to absolute breaking point, forcing every last ounce of power from the unit until it almost ground to a shuddering halt.

Then we polished and chisled every last bass drum and snare into a masterpiece of high fidelity audio perfection. There is nothing that can hold a torch to U808 - and now you can unleash the power in your tracks.

"When I played the first 808, I honestly had to turn down my speakers, and they weren't at an extremely high volume! the 808′s are SUPERB! The kick drums are awesome, real unique and powerful by themselves. The snares are awesome, they got that pop that helps cut through your mixes! Lots of variety of snares also. The hats are cool, once again, quality!"
Riley - BeatStruggles


  • 458 Drum Samples & Loops
  • 163 Classic TR808 Samples (Including Trap HiHat Loops)
  • TR808 BassDrums Pitched from A to G# (60 Samples)
  • 84 Layered Bass Drum, Snare Drum & Clap Samples
  • 41 Distorted BDs and FX
  • 87 Perfect Looping 808BDs for Trap & Urban Production
  • 24 Pitched Timpani Samples A to G#
  • WAV format for stellar quality - with no expense spared during the recording of these samples
  • Will work with almost ANY music software/hardware
  • Instant secure delivery delivery - so you can add to your beats in 30 seconds
  • These 808 kick drum samples will change your tracks forever - your new beats will be pulling in placements and sales like crazy

If you create trap, south, hip hop or for that matter ANY type of music, you need to be adding U808 to your production arsenal today. You need the best tools to make your music the best it can be - don't settle for second best.


BONUS #1 - Pitched 808 Drums

We shut ourselves in the studio and mapped out classic 808 bass drums (Both short decay and long decay) in perfect pitch (A3 - G4). No more guessing which pitch your drum samples are in - we do the hard work so your tracks sound better.

BONUS #2 - Trap Hi Hat Loops

Looking for perfect trap style hi hat's to add to your tracks? We pre prepared some of the most groundbreaking trap hi hat loops ever created, ready for you to drag and drop into your tracks.

BONUS #3 - Snare Rolls

Tired of trying to create the perfect snare roll? Don't go anywhere else, we included a bunch of pure quality snare rolls ready to drag and drop straight into your next masterpiece.

BONUS #4 - Urban Tones

Perfectly pitched from C4 to B5 - We took our finest 808 bass drum and compressed it in with perfectly EQ’d and balanced sub bass. This allows for PERFECT 808 LOOPING AND PLAY-ABILITY!

That's right, using the crossfade knob in FL Studio or looping the bass wav in your DAW you can create a perfect, even, 808 bass drum that repeats without cut or dropping in and out of volume!

NOBODY ON THE INTERNET HAS CRAFTED THIS. You can’t find this anywhere else but here.

"The World's Loudest 808 Drums!"


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See you on the other side of audio sampling perfection...

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