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808 Kick Drum & Boom Samples

808 Kick Drum & Boom Samples

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Do you LOVE a big bottom?

Then you will go CRAZY for Mike Chav’s ‘808 Kick Drum & Boom Samples’

No - we ain’t talkin’ lady bits - we are talking kicks and bass that punch you in the balls and rattle the paint off the walls.



If your beat sales are low, you gotta make your beats bang harder.

808 kick

Introducing Mike Chav - sound engineer to hip hop’s greatest.

This guy KNOWS great drum sounds. He eats sleeps and dreams kicks and snares.

He is a master of the sub bass. He has access to almost any piece of studio kit you have ever dreamed of owning - and he is using it to create some of the meatiest 808 kick drum samples you will ever got your ears around.

He has worked as an engineer, producer and instrumentalist for Erykah Badu, Jay Electronica, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Eminem, D12, Amp Fiddler, Guilty Simpson, Slum Village, J Dilla, Busta Rhymes and more - he is BIG TIME.

Now imagine if you could sneak into his studio one night, fire up his PC, and grab some of his most hard hitting, precision sounds to use in your beats...


That would be cheatin’ - right? I mean, no other producers would stand a chance against you - armed with these KILLER drum sounds. And let’s say you decided to SELL some of these new beats you made online. You would literally WIPE THE FLOOR with producers using all the same old garbage stock sounds.

Well, before you even THINK about jackin’ anyone else's sounds - we better let you grab these insane 808 kick drum and boom samples - right from Mike’s personal collection.

808 kick drum samples

Aww - Not another 808 kit!

Yeah we know - there are a million 808 kits on the internet. What makes this one special?

Mike has been around world class talent for years. He came up with J Dilla. He worked with Denaun Porter (AKA Mr. Porter/Kon Artis from D12) - the same guy who has been feeding beats and drums to Dr. Dre for years. Being around talent at this level rubs off, and sharing the same mindset, equipment and techniques as the greats means this kit is on that same elite level.

What’s more - this kit is taken further than any other 808 kit. You are getting a total of 48 UNIQUE takes on the 808 kick drum. From the distorted to super clean, short attack, driven, tape saturated - it is all in here.

Mike is a PERFECTIONIST. ‘808 Kick Drum & Boom Samples’ were sampled from an original Roland TR-808 - then twisted through a tonne of high end gear (including ultra high end digital converters from the likes of Prism, Radar & Lavry). This kind of equipment comes at a high price, but produces an awesome sound.

Here is what Mike has to say about this kit:

“This collection of sounds has been created with the approach of a producer and the technical skill of an engineer, using the highest quality analog and digital signal processing. Creativity and fidelity is paramount here.

Your tracks will sound mixed before you touch a knob or a plugin."


  • 48 unique takes on the classic 808 kick drum
  • The sampling/mixing talent of a true professional engineer to the stars (this would cost $1,000s per hour to hire Mike to mix your drums)
  • No fluff, just 48 incredibly usable, pounding kick drums & booms to take your low end to the next level.
  • WAV format for stellar quality - with no expense spared during the recording of these samples
  • Instant secure delivery delivery - so you can add to your beats in 30 seconds.
  • These 808 kick drum samples will change your tracks forever - your new beats will be pulling in sales like crazy.
  • *All purchases of 808's & BOOMS now come with a FREE copy of our Industry Standard Drum Library - Worth $29! We'll add the kit to your order automatically after checkout - no codes required. It will be sent to your email along with your copy of 808's & BOOMS - free of charge :)
808 drum samples

Hit the big green button to grab your copy of Mike Chav’s ‘808 Kick Drum & Boom Samples’ - It's a simple process, hit the green button, hit checkout, pay by PayPal or credit card and enjoy your copy of this awesome kit - easy.


You will be a master of the sub bass in minutes. Grab this collection now.

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