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909 Drum Kit

909 Drum Kit

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The REAL sound of the TR-909...

IMAGINE NEXT TIME you head to the home studio to make a beat. You open up your software and load up the new 'Ultimate 909 Drum Kit: Black Edition' and get started...

You notice something different. Your drums are sounding punchy and warm. You don't just stop with one beat - these drums sound SO DAMN GOOD you just sit there all afternoon making beat after beat - feeling INSPIRED.

This is the reality of using 'Ultimate 909: Black Edition'

A full - 'no holds barred' 909 drum kit - sampled by leading engineer Mike Chav - to get the BEST from a LEGENDARY drum machine!

909 Drum Kit


Leading audio engineer Mike Chav explains...

"Great care has been taken with the sampling of this kit. I wanted to get a good clean representation of this classic machine and then soak it in the magic of the AMPEX ATR102 tape machine.

These sounds have a lot of character and are able to be turned up loud without farting out your monitors. This is largely because analog smooths out some of the transients that digital lets through. These transients generally do not lead to a "harder" sound. They lead to premature clipping.

I took a lot of care to hit the SSL4000 G input channel at just the right gain for a huge sound. I repeated this for the SSL stereo bus making sure to hit it perfectly in the sweet spot. The tape was saturated just enough to give it that analog bump, but not so much as to over compress.

The kicks have been organized by 9 Attack settings and 11 tuning settings. Within each tuning there are 11 different decays. The Snares are organized by Tuning and Tone with varying degrees of "Snappy" within each tone. Snappy is a control that in essence makes the snap of the drum longer or shorter. It simulates the amount of snap on an acoustic snare drum.

The files are 24 bit 44.1 wavs. Recorded at 88.2 via a very expensive Lavry converter."

909 - LEGENDARY...

If you're lucky enough to find a working TR-909 - expect to pay $2000 for it. You're also looking at hours and hours of recording work. Then you'll need to run your samples through an analog tape machine and SSL console to achieve this mind blowing sound.

The EASY way to own the TRUE sound of the TR-909 is to grab this kit - at a crazy introductory price!

"I've landed tracks with established artists like Freddie Gibbs, Maino, Madchild (Swollen Members), Red Cafe, Saigon, etc. Now obviously, this was a culmination of years of hard work finally paying off, but I don't think it's a coincidence that I made a conscious effort to step my drum game up about 6 months before everything started happening."
Ghost Beats - Music Producer & Producers Choice Customer


  • A true TR-909 drum sample kit
  • Recorded from Vintage TR-909 using AMPEX ATR102 tape machine, SSL4000 G console and Lavry converters for premium analog sound
  • 24 bit 44.1 wav format for high audio quality
  • Basses, Kicks, Snares, Toms, Custom FX, Hats and more
  • Sampled with different levels of attack, tuning & decay
  • Over 200MB in total
  • Compatible with Reason, Fl Studio, Logic, Pro Tools & Most other audio hardware & software

We should charge: $199+
We usually charge (RRP): $50
Launch Price: $25

(Price will go back to RRP of $50 after launch - don't miss out)


Customer Feedback:

"Just wanted to say I've had a chance to use every one of your drum kits. All of them are absolutely amazing."
Chris X - Music Producer & Producers Choice Customer

"I took advantage of the deal you posted. Just wanted to comment on how great these are. Ive had a hard time finding good drum samples in the past. Thanks for putting an end to that."
Nick Lee - Music Producer & Producers Choice Customer

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