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Distorted Blends Drum Samples

Distorted Blends Drum Samples

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What happens when you take some of the best sound designers in the world, and lock them in a studio for months with some of the best equipment money can buy?

DISTORTED BLENDS! - Your drums just got better!

  • Warm, Gritty, and Distorted One Shot Drum Library (300+ Drums!)
  • Incredible SFX including drones, rises, falls, textures, and transitions for your beats or your movie scores!
  • Created with top of the line stuio gear (Avalon 737sp, Roland SH-210, Ensoniq ASR-10)
  • Easy and quick to use - just drag and drop into your synth, workstation or audio software
  • Layer our pre made textures with your sample collection for your own unique drum samples!
  • WAV format - works with anything!
  • World class mix/sound design by Sounds In HD - as used by superproducers worldwide


The Sounds In HD crew have been let loose in the studio again, this time working their magic on a library of warm, punchy and distorted drum samples and FX - ready to add to your tracks for instant pounding, killer drum tracks.

Watch the video below to hear this drum kit in action!

"This kit is more experimental than most, lots of distortion and weird FX being used. They also put some pretty dope drones and sweep type sounds in there so it’s not just drums and percussion. As usual, the drums hit hard, are full, and have a nice acoustic quality to them."

SaintJoe - &


With source sounds from a range of vintage drums and synths, tracked, recorded, mixed and processed by the absolute leaders in drum sampling - you know you are getting THE BEST drums for your music. There is no easier way to get a professional sound.


Sounds In HD drums have been used in countless hit records - and are used by superproducers such as The Inkredibles.

Are you ready to add a whole new dimension to your tracks?

What You Get:

  • 50 Kicks

  • 50 Snares

  • 52 Hats & Cymbals

  • 50 Claps

  • 50 Percussion Samples

  • 50 SFX & Textures

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OUR PRICE: $39.99


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