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Make Dope Piano Based Beats - Even If You Can't Play A Note...

You can use DopeKeyz to make gorgeous sounding piano based tracks. It's easy and fast - and you don't need to know how to play...

We brought in our classically trained pianist to record some professional, "urban themed", super high quality piano loops. These are perfect for using as the base to a great hip hop anthem or a smooth RnB beat...

And they are royalty free. You can use them to make a dope track - and you don't need to worry if it becomes a breakout hit.


With thanks to



We used a high end recording chain to capture the BEST sound possible. Unbelievable clarity - we believe these are some of the best piano loops on the market.

  • 100% Royalty Free, Urban Piano Loops
  • SUPER High Quality recording chain used to capture the BEST sound possible.
  • Ready to go piano - perfect to build a track around, just add drums, bassline etc
  • 330MB download size, over 200 loops in total. WAV format - with MIDI Files Included - so you can use the melodies with other synths / instruments
  • BMP Info for all loops
  • Played on 3 different pianos (upright & grand) so you can pick the one that suits your track.
  • Use these piano loops as "song starters" - and quickly turn them into dope tracks!
  • Urban inspired melodies. Perfect for hip hop, trap, RnB etc etc.
  • From westcoast hip hop to smooth RnB - these loops cover many genres.

You'll Be Inspired To Make Music!

You'll listen to these loops, and get instantly inspired to make music. These loops are begging to be turned into hot tracks. Just add your drums, bass etc, and sit back and marvel at your work.

If you need some fresh inspiration to fire you up to make music - you need to grab your copy of DopeKeyz right now!

Never before have you heard piano loops that sound so good. Straight from the fingertips of a classical pianist, to make your tracks sound better than ever.

Easy & Fast Beatmaking...

We made these loops so easy to use. Pull any loop into your DAW and it will loop seamlessly, no cutoffs or nasty pops. Check the filename for the BPM info, match the BPM in your DAW and you are good to go.

People love our sample packs - you will too!

"This sound pack delivers pure inspiration. Looking for that perfect starter to a hot anthem it’s here. Beautifully played and dynamically recorded loops I couldn’t help but noticed the clarity of the production and sound, the feeling behind the final mix was perfectly constructed. I give this offering a well-deserved 4.5 out of 5." Review 4.5/5


Hire Your Own "Personal Piano Player?"

To get piano loops of this quality - you would have to hire out a studio, hire a top notch session musician, hire an audio engineer and then spend countless hours editing and processing until you end up with some usable loops. And the bill would run to $thousands of dollars.

We did the hard work - and you get to enjoy these loops for just $47.

I think you'll get hours of beatmaking inspiration from DopeKeyz. But if you don't like it for any reason, email us and we will promptly swap it for something else.

Go ahead and get your copy of DopeKeyz and you will have hours of fun making music...

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