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Drum Arsenal By Mike Chav

Drum Arsenal By Mike Chav

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Your drum mixing done. Forever.

This kit is so good, you won't touch a knob or plugin.

Mike Chav's Drum Arsenal

What is The Drum Arsenal?


The Drum Arsenal is a bundle of 5 kits, all created by Mike Chav, PROFESSIONAL engineer to Eminem, Snoop, The Game, Busta Rhymes and more...

You won't ever need to mix a drum sound again. Mike did the hard work. This is the sound that comes only from decades of experience.

What is the value of a professional engineer's personally hand crafted drum library? Some would say priceless.


Here are a select few records Mike Chav has mixed:

Mike Chav's Work

What Makes Mike Chav Special:

  • Worked closely with J Dilla (designed/installed his studio)
  • Taught drum technique by Mr. Porter (Dr Dre's drum guy)
  • Went on to become engineer for Eminem, D12, Snoop, The Game, Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Redman, Bilal, Dr. Dre and dozens of other top artists
  • Puts out some of the world's top drum samples, using all his elite experience

Mike says:

"I’ve listen to TONS of drums that are being sold, and I must say that a lot of them are not good at all. I believe my approach is unique in that I am a producer and an engineer. I’ve studied and learned under Drum gods J Dilla and Mr. Porter (who is one of Dr. Dre’s go to guys for drums). I have absorbed aspects of what they do, combined them with my own unique influences, and coupled that with my technical skill as an engineer. At the end of the day an engineer mixes even the dopest producers drums. My drums come out of the box, mixed and hitting just right. Very little EQ or processing is needed to make them fit."

Great Value.

If you hired an engineer of Mike's credentials - you would be looking at $000's upon $000's to build a hand recorded, from scratch, professionally mixed drum library.

This library of 5 kits is easily worth in excess of $500. Mike is insane for GIVING AWAY this bundle at just $50! (Limited time only)

That's ALL Mike's Kits for JUST $50!


Where else can you access the secret vault of a producer and engineer who was taught drum processing by the greatest, including J Dilla and Dr Dre? And with 50% off - this is a once only opportunity.

Imagine the labour that goes into a kit of this kind. Hours spent miking drums, then even longer post processing each sound to absolute perfection in a top end recording facility.

Don't pass this up. Skip the next 20 years of learning the hard way and take a true veterans personal drum collection.

"If you need some REAL DRUMS in your productions, whether it be like hip hop or pop, Mike Chav kicked serious butt putting together Drum Arsenal... It covers the basics, and it fits in very well with whatever I'm doing. And I love adding FX to them, because it's generally all I need to do to find a texture I like."
MGtheFuture, Producer

"The creativity is over and above the work ethic that you hear in most sound packs today. If you open up the sounds in edison, you can literally see in the wave form of how the creator tweaked them to taste. These kicks POUND! They are very crisp, tight, punchy drums. This was definitely not an amateur who was behind creating these. These are honestly the best rap/hip hop drums I have, and hopefully will ever need" Review of Mike Chav's Drum Arsenal, Volume 3 - 808's & Booms (Included in the bundle)

Mike Chav's Drum Arsenal

What's included in this bundle:

  • ALL the kits EVER put out by Mike Chav - in one place!
  • All 'one shot' drum hits - all meat - no loops. 300+ samples in total

Volume 1A & 1B

The Swiss Army Kit - 97 HQ samples, hand crafted and mixed by Mike Chav. Created with the approach of a producer and the technical skill of an engineer, using the highest quality analog and digital signal processing.

Includes: Kicks and Booms, Snares and Claps, Hats, Shakers and Cymbals, Toms, Percussion and FX. Sound incredible right out the box.


48 HQ samples. This time things get DIRTY. All the hiss, hum, modulation and bleed. This kit will add the color and analogue warmth to make your tracks sound CLASSIC in the digital age.

Includes: Kicks and Booms, Snares and Claps, Hats and Cymbals, Percussion and FX

VOLUME 3 - Kicks & Booms

This kit is ALL 808's and basses - how they should sound. Deep, pounding, tight and low. 48 unique and hand crafted samples.

Mike Says:

"The #1 Question i get asked is: "How do I make 808's sound good?" With this kit, the answer would be NOTHING! This package includes 48 unique takes on the same old sound that everyone uses. I have decided it is time for a fresh take on an old classic. Sampled directly from an original 808 machine and then twisted and turned through various gear and synthesizers then sampled through the finest analog gear and digital converters. (Prism, Radar, Lavry)."

VOLUME 4 - The Electronic Edition

Mike Says:

"Picking up where Vol. 3. 808's & Booms left off; this collection of drums explores electronically generated sounds that can fit well into many genres like, hip hop, rap, electronica, pop, electro and more. These kits were made from scratch using a variety of sources, processed and mixed to perfection using the very best in high end analog and digital signal processing."

*NEW - VOLUME 5 - ULTIMATE 909 Drum Kit

Mike Says:

"Great care has been taken with the sampling of this Roland TR-909 drum kit. I wanted to get a good clean representation of this classic machine and then soak it in the magic of the AMPEX ATR102 tape machine. I took a lot of care to Hit the SSL4000 G input channel at just the right gain for a huge sound. I repeated this for the SSL stereo bus making sure to hit it perfectly in the sweet spot. The tape was saturated just enough to give it that analog bump, but not so much as to over compress."


Compatible With FL Studio, Logic, Reason, MPC & Maschine

INCLUDES 6 FORMATS - for rapid deployment. No wasting your creativity loading and sifting through drums. Just click to load and get making hits. Imagine how easy beatmaking is going to be with your new vault of ready to go, professionally mixed drums. Imagine how quick and enjoyable it is to crank out beats. The reality is - you'll save yourself time and make better music.


Don't delay - grab your copy now to lock in ALL of Mike's kits for just $50. Remember that's for a limited time only.

Hit the big green button to add Mike Chav's Drum Arsenal to your cart, then checkout using PayPal or your credit/debit card.

Your copy of Drum Arsenal will be sent to your email for instant download so you can get creating hits straight away.

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