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Extreme Risers, Transitions & FX

Extreme Risers, Transitions & FX

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Add REAL ENERGY to your mix with risers and transitions...

You are looking at THE collection. The biggest, highest quality collection of risers, synth FX and transitions, all made to keep your tracks packed with energy, flowing effortlessly from verse to bridge to chorus.

These samples have been pushed to the limits of quality - recorded using a mix of hardware synths, old vintage gear - mixed with cutting edge digital plug-ins and technology. We wanted to give you more than just plain rising and falling sounds - in this pack there are vocal risers, wobbles, stabs, white noise effects - and a whole host of new and cutting edge sounds designed to add energy and drive to your music.

Have you ever heard a track that sounds good at first, then loses that ‘energy’?

Perhaps a track with a cool riff or lick - but it just loops over and over - going nowhere...

With this in mind, we wanted to come up with a collection of synth risers, transition effects, drivers, downshifters, sweeps - all the sounds that add energy to a track, build up tension, and keep your tracks flowing from start to finish.

If you are selling beats, or you want to get started - it is important to offer your customers beats that ‘flow’ well - so they get inspired when they hear your music. If you can offer a beat full of energy and drive, you will have no problem cashing in on your beats.

If you have not listened to the audio demo on the top of this page, go ahead and press play. You will hear a small sample of the awesome quality contained in these samples. All the samples were painstakingly recorded at pristine 24bit wav format - for use in almost any music software or sampler.

This collection is the largest and most complete on the market. At 340 individual samples, making up 1.3gb of sounds - there is not a single riser, transition sound, build up or drop that cannot be found in this collection. Don’t let the huge size fool you - every single sample in this collection is pristine, radio quality.

Grabbing this collection will give you a huge advantage - as these kinds of sounds are rare and most producers just don't have these in their arsenal.

synth risers

What You Get:

Extreme Risers - 80 samples - Mixed length
Extreme Small Risers - 40 samples, 1 - 3 seconds in length
Extreme Medium Risers - 50 samples, 4 - 10 seconds in length
Extreme Large Risers - 40 samples, 10 - 20 seconds in length
Extreme XL Risers - 30 extra long risers, 30 - 60 seconds in length
Extreme Fall FX & Drops - 40 pristine falls, drops & downshifters
Extreme Transitions - 25 samples, Ideal to build up to a new section in your music
Extreme Vox & FX - Fresh, original vocal build ups, chants, bleeps and more
BONUS - 6 Bonus Rare risers - from synths you will not have heard before!

Total - 340 High end samples, 1.3GB, 24bit quality in .wav format.


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