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Punchy Analog Warmth

Drums Processed By The Legendary SSL 4000G Analog Console.

Do your drums sound cold and digital?

Time to warm up your productions. This kit will add some much needed analog warmth to your mixes:


Vinyl Drum Kit

  • Processed using the legendary SSL 4000G channel strip - bringing you the distinctive sonic characteristics of SSL to your mix
  • Drums sampled from vinyl - you get all that gorgeous crackle and character
"Hey thanks for the DOPE drum kit man all these sounds bang." - Matthew Theriaque


ACCESS THE SOUND OF A $50,000 SSL 4000G Console.


Why invest in analog warmth?

Ever wondered why songs on the radio sound so warm and full? Most engineers will print mixes to analog tape, then mix using an analog console to achieve a warm, punchy and full mix.

If you want the 'analog' sound without the time and expense, then use this drum kit to inject some warmth and legendary SSL sparkle to your mix!

The key to a warm mix.

What if you can improve your mixes with full, warm analog drum samples? Your production career depends on the quality of your mixes. Don't be left with a cold, flat digital sounding mix. If you don't have 50g's to drop on a vintage SSL 4000G console, don't worry.  You can access that same legendary sound for much less.

Don't spend $000's on a tape machine and console. Just grab this kit.


  • 56 Warm Kicks, 29 HD Snares, Claps, Warm 808/Basses, Percs & More!
  • Over 100MB of High Definition, 24bit WAV drum samples. Easy to use in your favourite audio software or sampler.
  • Perfect for boom bap, hip hop or any other urban/pop music!


  • 50 Gorgeous Vinyl Drum Breaks/Loops (Limited release of 50 copies)
  • 20 Vinyl Crackle samples to overlay and add unique warmth to any track


"Just wanted to comment on how great these samples are. I've had a hard time finding good drum samples in the past. Thanks for putting an end to that." - Nick Lee


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Your next mix will sound so great, people will be asking what secret analog hardware you have been using! 

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