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Lost Tapes Vol 1: Soul

Lost Tapes Vol 1: Soul

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Watch full video review from PadBangers below...

100% Royalty Free Soul Samples - inspired by the sounds of 70s soul!

Calling all sample heads...

  • Fresh, New & Exclusive Soul Samples, recorded from scratch and 100% Royalty Free
  • Made for real, true old school hip hop aficionados
  • Need quality, royalty free soul samples?
  • Don't want issues with sample clearance?

Lost Tapes Vol 1: Soul was created for the sample based producer, DJ, and beatmaker who wants original music to chop, flip, and arrange into headbanging beats without the hassle of digging through endless stacks of vinyl or worrying about sample clearance issues.

"It's all about samples that give you the authentic sound of 60s and 70s soul to sample and chop up."
- Mike,

These samples are composed from scratch, royalty free for you to use in your music - 100% free of copyright issues. A godsend for the sample based composer.

We used rare vintage gear (guitar, rhodes, bass etc) alongside vintage tape simulation techniques to emulate real vintage records. These samples were created using extreme attention to detail specifically with the beatmaker and producer in mind.

Instruments featured in these samples:

  • Rare Vintage Synths
  • Vintage Guitar Amps
  • Vintage Bass Amps
  • Vintage Basses
  • Vintage Guitars
  • Pianos
  • Brass
  • Strings, etc.

All the ingredients you need to make classic hip hop tracks.

The samples "projects" come split into master mix file and stems, so you can use single instrument stems to build up your own track using any / all elements from the samples.

No drums, so no trouble mixing. Just chop these samples, add your own drums, solo elements - you can really get creative with this sample pack.

Included in The Soul Music Library:

  • 400MB of soulful WAV sample projects
  • Organised into 10 project files with master mix and all stems, plus 4 bonus sample files
  • Every sample created exclusively by The Cratez, for this pack, played and recorded from scratch
  • Master sample clearance, use these sample however you want - no credit required
  • All sounds 100% royalty free
  • Samples include tracked-out stems (Rhodes, Bass etc)
  • Each full sample also comes as mixed down WAV - ideal to chop, flip etc.
  • BPM info of each stem / sample is shown

This is a MUST HAVE sample pack for any sample based beatmaker or producer!

Click below to watch Mike from PadBangers make a beat using this pack...


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