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Organic Drum Kit

Organic Drum Kit

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"These Drums Are Your "Secret" To Making Better Music, Faster and with Less Effort."

So what is the "Organic" drum library all about?

  • Breakthrough recording and processing techniques used to capture the "perfect" drum sound - helping prevent muddy low-frequency and harsh high-frequency build-up.
  • Analog processing ($60,000 of gear was used) for character, warmth, and depth and pro-studio character
  • Each sample precision hand-edited for perfect attacks and smooth decays.

The end result is....


Fellow Music Producer,

Hand on heart - this library is pretty much the best i've ever heard...

And I've been through pretty much every commercial and underground drum sample library available.

As you know - we only sell the best kits here at Producers Choice.

But every now and again - a kit comes along that just blows me away. Organic is one of those kits.

I've been in touch with Xavier (the sound designer) since 2011 about this kit. And i'm excited to say it's FINALLY ready to go.

Are these the "PERFECT" drum samples?

Trust me on this - if you have a passion for making music - you owe it to yourself to be using these drum samples as the foundation of your tracks.

I think it's safe to say we have finally stumbled onto the HOLY GRAIL of drum samples!

Don't just take my word for it. Here is what the guys at Maschine Masters think of Organic:

"This kit is packed, and I mean PACKED, with quality. The kicks in this kit... They’re so good I can’t even finish the introductory sentence. Simply put, amazing. Very few sound like the other, and they are all very unique. Not the standard kicks you get in (insert your favourite producers here) kit. With over 140 kicks to choose from, you would be hard pressed to find a kick that won’t match the tone of the track you are creating."
Maschine Masters

Throw these samples into a hip hop banger, a slow jam, a pop hit - you name it. These samples are just SO versatile. Your creativity will always be flowing when you use this kit.

* PRO TIP - Invest in QUALITY samples and your music will instantly improve - forget tearing your hair out trying to tweak drums that don't sound "right".

"I'm going to say that this is the best kit I've ever heard"
Eric Frazier



Your download will include 22 "Ready to Rock" Maschine Kits for instant deployment. We did all the hard work in selecting the perfect sound combinations and programming choke groups and all that good stuff that makes these kits ultra easy to use.

Not a maschine user? This kit comes in good old WAV format - so you can use in 99% of DAWs/software/hardware.

Here's what our peers in the industry think of this kit:

"Really really dope. I really like the percussion in there and just the overall acoustic quality of this kit. Definitely one of my favourite "go to" kits."
Saint Joe, Sounds & Gear
"Bought the organic kit a few days ago... Amaaaaazing. So much character in the drums, and processed so well already. Use em for layering of just by themselves and I love what they do for my beats."
Mitch Driesenga
"S/O to Producers Choice for creating banging drum kits, working with the best to get these sounds, and connecting with guys like me that know how to use these sounds. I've been a supporter of these guys for minute and they've supported me by recommending the best from their catalog. I don't endorse many companies, but when I do, y'all know that they're the best at what they do! Producers Choice is a prime example of this."
David Byard

(We have THOUSANDS of raving fans. Click here to see the awesome feedback we have been getting)

What You Get:

  • 150 Pounding Kicks
  • 115 Creative Snares
  • 80 Authentic Claps
  • 90 Open & Closed Hi-hats
  • 570 Organic Percussion Section
  • 90 Cymbals & Toms
  • 100 Original Drum Loops
  • 30 Bonus Transition FXS
  • 22 Ready to go Maschine Kits (v1.8.2)
  • 24-Bit WAV Format
  • Compatible with all major DAW's and software
  • These samples are 100% royalty free. You can use them in your commercial musical compositions with no royalties or credits required.
  • Total Size: 602MB of pure sampling heaven.

Over $60,000 of audio gear utilized. Your investment in Organic will cost just $49.


These samples have been known to cause "dance around for the room for an hour with the beat on repeat" syndrome. You have been warned.

I hope you are looking forward to purchasing this kit and putting these awesome samples at work in your tracks! Go grab your copy right this second using the big green button below...

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