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"Sell Beats Online" Masterclass

"Sell Beats Online" Masterclass

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How To Sell Beats Online... PLUS Increase Your Income And Get Major Artist Placements...

From: Darrell "Digga" Branch
Tuesday, 11:34am


Dear Music Maker,

I KNOW that you make great music. There is no question about it.

But the problem is - how do you start to "get your name out there", land major placements and really start making money off of your music?

My name is Darrell "Digga" Branch (Google Me!). I've sold 30 million + records across my career and produced for Cam’ron, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Ludacris and more.

I've had 3 Grammy Nominations. I've also founded 4 companies - including my own successful music production company Six Figga Entertainment, Inc.

(And i'll show you how to do the same.)

"Introducing the Music Business Mastery Program - A Step By Step Program To Building The Music Business Of Your Dreams."

Imagine... How would YOUR life look if you owned a successful music production company?...

  • QUIT your job? Do what you LOVE for a living?
  • Sell beats while you sleep? Wake up to $$$ in PayPal notifications?
  • Land your DREAM PLACEMENT. Work with your favourite artists?
  • Build your DREAM studio?
  • Get EVERY new piece of gear you wanted without worrying about the cost?
  • Buy yourself a sexy new car?
  • Take your family on an all expenses paid holiday of a lifetime?

Sounds like a dream - but there ARE producers doing all the above RIGHT NOW...



My new course, "Music Business Mastery" will teach you how to start up and grow your own successful music production company. We'll cover ALL the things you need to know to about starting a production company - even if you have no idea about business.

This 10 part video course will teach you the EXACT step by step method to starting your own successful music production company from scratch.

Absolutely everything is covered - soup to nuts...

Here is a Small Sample Of What You Will Learn:

  • Developing Your Brand (How to develop a strong brand that helps your beats online and music like crazy...)
  • The three "do's and don'ts" on picking a great brand name - so you can build your brand on strong foundations...
  • How to stand out amongst the sea of competition - so you can not only survive but thrive in the industry...
  • How to register a trademark to protect your brand (and why you should never forget to do this) and how you can avoid costly legal fees by doing this yourself.
  • Incorporating Your Business: How to protect yourself against lawsuits (You'll be doing business with musicians, record labels and publishers - so it is essential to get protected)
  • How to incorporate your business online (the best services to use to do this easy and cheap - this will save you THOUSANDS in legal fees!
  • Hiring your "Dream Team": How to hire an attorney to help you with copyright, music licensing, publishing, TV & Film etc - make sure you are on SOLID ground when it comes to the legal aspects of your new business.
  • How to hire your business manager - (AKA your "right hand man") He'll help market you, get you placement opportunities and make sure you get paid on time!
  • Becoming your own music publisher (Cut out the middle man and become your own publisher.)
  • How music publishing works and how you can exploit music copyrights to generate income for your business.
  • How to collect money whether your music is sold on iTunes, MP3, Vinyl, Radio, TV, Cable, Film etc.
  • Creating your Business Action Plan (This is the MOST IMPORTANT lesson of the course. You'll learn EXACTLY how to form a "Foolproof" step-by-step action plan that will ENSURE you take action and reach your goals.

As Pictured Above - Your Course Consists Of:

  • 10 Video Lessons - 2 PDF Guides
  • MODULE 1 - Developing a Brand
  • MODULE 2 - Registering Your Trademark
  • MODULE 3 - Incorporating Your Business
  • MODULE 4 - Finding Legal Representation
  • MODULE 5 - Financial Management
  • MODULE 6 - Producer Management
  • MODULE 7 - Becoming Your Own Publisher
  • MODULE 8 - Performing Rights
  • MODULE 9 - Designing SMART Goals
  • MODULE 10 - Sound Exchange
  • Worksheet 1 - Action Plan Outline
  • Worksheet 2 - SMART Goal Outline

FREE BONUS - Music Business Contract Compendium

Create, Edit and Print Over 170 Professional and Up to Date Music Business Contracts & Agreements In Seconds. Comes in both TXT and DOC format. These templates will form the BACKBONE of your business and make you look professional - while protecting and making your deals airtight while saving you thousands in legal fees.

About Darrell "Digga" Branch: 

  • 30 Million + in record sales
  • 3 Grammy Nominations
  • Produced for Cam’ron, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Destiny’s Child, Usher, Ghostface, Jennifer Lopez, Young Gunz and more.
  • Founder of production company Six Figga Entertainment, Inc.
  • Creator of a music business and technology program that has been used in NYC Public Schools since 2008.



Q - Wait - I have NO business experience!
A - No problem. This course is for people JUST LIKE YOU - I'll personally walk you through each step of the process of setting up your own successful music production empire. Trust me on this - you CAN do this if you set your mind to it with my guidance.

Q - But i've already tried selling beats and it isn't working!
A - No problem - let me show you how to build a REAL brand that sets you apart from the crowd - My strategies will help you sell more beats and build long term clients.

Q - How is the course delivered?
A - The course is delivered to you in 10 video modules. You can download the videos in a zipped file and then watch each one in order. You'll also get two worksheets designed to help you make an "Action Plan" to achieve your goals.

Q - Who is "Music Business Mastery" for?
A - This course is ideal for the aspiring beat maker or producer interested in building a music production company from the ground up. It is also useful for producers who want to take their production company to the next level.



If you've EVER dreamed about owning your own six figure per year music production company - then NOW is the time to TAKE ACTION and this course is the perfect foundation.

“This class was very informative. Now i have a clear view of how to incorporate, register and take advantage of becoming a music producer legally and professionally.”
Linndz Leroy

NOW is the time to get serious - grow some balls and INVEST in the education to secure your future. With the RIGHT MINDSET and the RIGHT EDUCATION you CAN and WILL be successful.



While this breakthrough home study course could easily be priced in the healthy four-figure range, I have has decided to price it at a level that is totally affordable to even a struggling young music producer or a budding entrepreneur...

Some courses like this cost upwards of $1500. And they are worth it. I mean - If you bank SIX FIGURES selling beats - what's a measly $1500?

But I'm not going to ask you to invest thousands in your career. In fact - the cost of this course is less than a night out at a restaurant.

How would you like me to show you how to build a successful music production business from scratch for just a one time payment of $47 - with no catches?

This low investment could pay you back a thousand fold over your successful career...

(And when you incorporate your business - this course can be claimed as a tax deductible expense - making this course effectively free)



I want you to take my course and put my strategies into action. Go ahead - take my course, and start your wildly successful music business.

I stand completely behind this product and I know that if you stick to my mentorship - your music production company will be a storming success. That's my personal promise to you.

Your Mentor,
Darrell "Digga" Branch
3 Time Grammy Nominee. Producer for Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Destiny’s Child, Usher, Jennifer Lopez etc.


P.S - Please don't walk away from this offer. I assure you that my mentorship will change your career for the better. Take my course - you have EVERYTHING to gain.

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