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Sonic Specialists Urban Fire Bundle (One Week Flash Sale)

Sonic Specialists Urban Fire Bundle (One Week Flash Sale)

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Sonic Specialists Release ALL Their Kits -
Save $640. One Week Only.


Music Maker,

If you have a keen ear for great drums then you will have heard of Sonic Specialists...

These guys have been producing some of the most highly regarded drums in the industry for years...

There is no doubt that you will have heard their drums featured on billboard hit records such as:

Here is what DOCO & Sirocco from the Sonic Specialists have to say about the bundle:

"This bundle contains THE ENTIRE SonicSpecialists Drum Library! This Colossal Package contains over THREE-THOUSAND (You read that right, over 3000) of the Highest Quality Professionally Mixed & Mastered Drum Samples we’ve ever produced. This bundle is oozing with analog warmth and shimmer and is our biggest Library we’ve ever compiled in the history of The SonicSpecialists.

We created Urban Fire: Sounds Of The Super Producers with one goal in mind; creating the most usable and exciting Drum Library available on the planet. Quality is the most important factor in creating each sample. We never, ever, add less-than amazing sounds to our libraries in hopes of boosting the numbers. Each and every sound is compressed, saturated, equalized and processed to be the best sound of it’s type. Each thud and crackle, every stereo image and tone is tweaked until complete perfection.

Urban Fire has the same commercial sound heard in your favourite songs by the current Super Producers, but are only available here! We have designed custom sounds for Native Instruments as well as having sounds used on major records from artists such as F.L.O.R.I.D.A., Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Britney Spears, T-Pain, Beyonce, and more, we are determined to continually bring customers that very same success. It’s time to discover the industry’s best kept secret. It’s time for you to discover Urban Fire."

We can offer you ALL 8 of the Urban Fire kits in one bundle - with a DEEP discount...

However - they will only allow us to offer this deal for 7 days only. This deal will expire FRIDAY 14th MARCH 2014 at midnight.

(And it won't be coming back.)

So scoop this one up while you can!

Take a look at this video review of just ONE of these kits: (Urban Fire 5)

This Bundle Includes ALL 8 Kits:

  • Urban Fire Volume 1 - $74.95
  • Urban Fire Volume 2 - $74.95
  • Urban Fire Volume 3 - $74.95
  • Urban Fire Volume 4 - $174.95
  • Urban Fire Volume 5 - $174.95
  • Urban Fire Volume 6 - $174.95
  • Urban Fire Volume 7 - $174.95
  • Urban Electro - $114.95
  • (All kits are WAV format with INSTANT download)

Grand Total = $1039.60
Flash Sale Price = $397

(You save $640 - 60% off!)

"This is a drum library that screams professional, industry, radio ready and any other adjectives you’d use to define something that is ready to make your tracks stand up and stand out! To me, this is more than a drum library, with all the tools and the finely tuned tones and sounds in this collection, this feels like a drum toolkit! Everything works together perfectly and is built to be mixed and matched.

Not only is there the staples like kicks, snares, hats, etc…but you get stuff like dirty tones, kick and snare enchancers, and even some dope percussion sounds. Enhancers made to layer your sounds, and percussion that is sweet and sexy, everything feels so crisp and clean. What really amazes me is the clarity and detail of every single aspect of the sounds. The kicks thump but are still crisp, the snare smack yet still have meat, the hi hats cut through like a razor, the claps and percussion…, I can’t even explain them. These folks know how to engineer a good sound, more importantly, they know how to engineer drums so that they sit well in a variety of urban/pop music applications.

You really don’t have to do any type of eq or tweaking with these, they magically seem to carve their own space out in any track you put them in. Even at low volumes they are still well defined. No clipping, yet they are processed to BANG…you can tell these dudes are real engineers and not just drum sample producers. It’s one thing to have a bangin drum, it’s another thing when that drum is majorly FAT but yet not clipping or overloading in the mix. They just “fit in” wherever you put them. I really don’t know what they do over there, but I now understand why they are regarded as the best when it comes to drum samples. "
SaintJoe - Sounds & Gear

Enough Talk! - go hit the green button and grab this deal before it's gone for good!

(This Deal Expired On 14th March 2014 - More Deals Coming Soon!)

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