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Sounds In HD - Complete Bundle

Sounds In HD - Complete Bundle

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Sounds In HD

Meet the Sounds In HD - Complete Bundle

First up - let me make you a promise... Give me just 60 seconds and i will change your production career for the better...

No kidding - what i am about to explain is going to be the turning point for just a hand full of elite producers - those focused enough to take action.

Let me show you the GOLD STANDARD of drum samples - the drum kit that will raise the bar and make everything else in your library sound like crap...

What is so good about this bundle?

If you have been producing for a while - you will have heard of the Sounds In HD crew.

These guys are well known in the industry for putting out the BEST drum samples - period.

Why take my word for it? Here is some of the feedback these kits have gotten:

SaintJoe From Sounds & Gear Says:

“Now I must be clear, these aren’t your typical rugged, boom-bap style drums, these are commercial, radio ready, high quality drum samples.

It’s true, and you can check my twitter statues from a week or so ago…after going through these drums, I started deleting and getting rid of a bunch of drum samples, they were simply no longer needed.

SHD set the bar high, and their acoustic blends pretty much became the standard by which all other drums will be judged by me.

The mix on them is nice, they have a thickness to them that is undeniable. And they slice through the mix like a hot knife through ice cream cake.

The loudness is there, but not a simple “normalize and make it bang” loudness…I don’t even know how to explain it other than these drums are hard without taking over the whole mix, they are huge but still leave space for your other sounds.

The eq, processing, and whatever other deep dark magic they put on these drums results in the most usable collection I’ve come across to date, and the most versatile.

What’s the final rating man? If I could give a double rating I would, this is without question a 5/5 sub kit!

Dope sounds, quality mixing and processing, and GREAT value. This aint no bull man, you know how I do…these drums are sick.”

So let me tell you what we have here...

Sounds In HD have brought out 5 uniquely brilliant kits to the market. From crunchy acoustic blends to the ultra processed, knife through butter HD collection - this is the only bundle you will use this year!

We got in touch with Sounds In HD and they put together an EXCLUSIVE bundle of all 5 of their kits - in one bundle for the first time (you can only get this right here!)

These sound so good - you might just go through your old drums and delete most of them - like Saint Joe from SAG!

If you own a sounds in HD kit - or even if you are a SIHD virgin - you should pick up this low price bundle. With all 5 kits - you will never need another drum library in your producing career!

Here is what you get:

sounds in hd

Sounds In HD: Volume 1

The first in the series. Processed using the avalon 737 - ultra clean and modern HD drums. 221 drums in total - including pounding kicks, insanely crispy snares, percussion elements, hats, cymbals and bonus loops!


Sounds In HD Volume 2

675 samples, amazing quality and versatile. Split into subections: Synth Drums - recored direct from expensive and rare hardware - low bit, crunchy and awesome. Lo-Fi: Authentic, old skool and gritty. These were recorded from synth sounds overlayed with acoustic recordings. perfect for old skool hip hop. Acoustic: Ever wanted those danja style kicks? These samples were recorded at Studio E in Philadelphia using pristine mics and pre-amps including the Avalon 737, CAD, Focusrite, Drawmer, and more. The rim shots in this package are ear rattling, and kicks are hollow and punchy. Real acoustic kits from Tama, Pearl Rhythm, Traveler and Century GC52-73 were used to construct this section of SIHD Vol 2.


Sounds In HD: Volume 3

250 Samples - more of the same great HD drums - this is the latest in the HD collection.


Sounds In HD: Acoustic Blends

Featuring 154 superb acoustic samples. Recored with the Avalon 737, Focusrite, Drawmer and more for thick raw samples. Layed with textures, tones, and unusual samples for a fresh unique sound.


Sounds In HD: Acoustic Blends 2

260+ brand-new sounds. The designers at Sounds in HD held nothing back, adding new processing from analog beast such as the API A series Equalizers, and the new Elysia Xpressor 500. This new kit was heavily influenced by super producer Danja, and features 60 extra samples (kicks, snares etc.) all designed using secret industry techniques developed over the years.


Let me plead with you - if you are a serious producer you need to get this bundle.

If you are SERIOUS about making a career as a top level producer - then join the exclusive and elite handful of producers who are using the best tools available - Sounds in HD.

Sounds In HD


WAS = $129
NOW = $98!

BONUS - This bundle has now been updated, and also includes a FREE copy of Sounds In HD Distorted Blends. Just buy the bundle and this product will come included in your download - Free of charge ($39.99 value)! 

How Can I Take Advantage Of This Deal?

Hit the big green button. Checkout using our cart - payment is handled securely by PayPal or credit card. Your purchase will be delivered digitally to you via email to download straight away - no waiting! You can change the entire sound of your drum tracks in less than 1 minute by grabbing this bundle now. 

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