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The Hip Hop Drum Box

The Hip Hop Drum Box

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If you're looking for great hip hop drum samples, then this bundle is for you.

We took 5 classic hip hop kits and threw them into a big old box - available now at a steep discount, for real hip hop producers only.

These kits are the essential ingredients in crafting dope beats.

Your tracks will become almost "god-like", as soon you deploy these new drums...

In the box, you'll enjoy:

  1. Anno Domini Drum Kit Volume 2 - $49.00

  2. Hip Hop Domination - $29.99

  3. Stix Jam Pack - $24.98
  4. Survival Drum Kit - $39.00

  5. Ski Beatz Iron Fingers - $34.00

  • Thousands of kick ass samples, for a low price
  • WAV format, works with anything
  • Instant download, 100% royalty free

Total Value - $176.97
Bundle Price - $87


(that's 50% off)

What if i already own some of these kits?

No problem - we can swap the kits you own for ones you don't. Place your order, then email us at with your order number and the kits you want to trade.

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